Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hangout Fest: Day 1

Happy Sunday! Still here in Gulf Shores having a blast! So after the gym Friday we left the condo and then waited in a crazy long line for wrist bands and then we were into the show! We saw a lot of fun shows - our favorite was probably Widespread Panic - but honestly - none of our FAVORITES were playing the first day. We still had a blast with our friends, and bumped into a lot of buddies - I even saw a bunch of friends from high school! Too funny, 35,000 ticket holders and we still saw so many friends from high school and college. Anywho - here's some pics!

Me and Austin at Hangout by the main stage (5 stages)
Scott and Mary hehe
Austin, Scott, Scott's cousin and his buddy
Mary & Meagan had matching rompers LOL

Late night group shot
The Martins and Lanorys!
Between shows - nice to get a break from the CRAZY crowds

Walking home at the end of a successful day

I took a TON of video - hopefully it will inspire me to catch up on the videos I still have to do from last year - OY! Now it's Sunday and i'm still here - one more day of music fest! I'll post tomorrow and today's recap. I will say yesterday the highlights of my day were The Foo Fighters and Cee Lo Green. SO FUN.

Q: What has been the highlight of your weekend?

Q: Have you ever been to a music fest? This is my kind of set up. I've always resisted the bonnaroo events and things like that - mud, camping, no. BUT, this way you're on a beach and stay in a condo - i'm in!

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