Monday, May 23, 2011

Hangout Fest: Day 2

Thanks for the comments you guys! The more I thought about it this was my first multi-day fest - I've gone to events with multiple bands and we try to go to 5 or so shows a year, but this was my first 3-day fest! Fun way to kick off concert season. Last year we saw Collective Soul, Black Keys/Kings of Leon, and Green Day over the summer, then 311 Halloween show and Black Crowes November show later in the year. So far, for 2011, we've booked Peter Frampton and Steely Dan for this summer - we're keeping our eyes open for more but a lot of the schedules aren't up yet - can't wait!

So Saturday was our second day at Hangout and we had an even better day in the last! Probably because we ran around a lot less, and instead just set up shop, dug holes for our bums and watched everything from one stage, on the side close to the beer stand and the bathrooms. PERFECT. We started the day with Slightly Stoopid, Cee Lo Green, Avett Brothers and Foo Fighters. Fun fact though - Cee Lo was late. It was getting awkward and people were getting pissed. So the Foo Fighters came out and were like so... Cee Lo is late and we're playing two sets... starting now! So they played a bunch of covers - SO FUN! Then Cee Lo came out and sang with them - HILAROIUS! Then Cee Lo finished his set and it was AWESOME. The Foo Fighters were awesome, too. Really it was just a great, great day - and we got to see more buddies which is always fun. Here's more pics - yes, it got LATE!

The boys
Lanorys, Velotas's (with a hole for Mary V to be PhotoShopped in!) and Me/Austin
So good to see Jimmy!
More boy shots
Group shot - heart the ferris wheel!
We got to chill with Sean and Courtney!
Cee Lo!!
Good times
HUGE crowds
We thought this pic was hilarious - the show had JUST opened and these people still insisted on standing RIGHT on top of us. So when we asked for a group shot the girl taking it included them since they were so close they thought FOR SURE we were friends. haha
We saw a pirate
It got late - I danced around a lot with this girl
loved this shot
Late night nap in our hole between shows

Candid - I think that's Sean trying to touch Austin's face - long story haha
Jimmy with the Lanorys
I love monkey wrench
They were AWESOME

Q: Have you ever seen The Foo Fighters live? What band do you want to see live most?

Q: Happy Monday! What are you up to today? We're driving over to Birmingham, looking forward to Big E's graduation!

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