Monday, May 9, 2011

My Weekend in Pictures

Thanks for your sweet comments on that salad - it's a keeper - for sure. I'm SO into making my own salad dressings - I just can't believe how easy it is! (and they always seem to taste to much better and FRESH). Anywho - backing up to share pics! Saturday was the wedding - here are a few pics.

Stacy, Mel and me
Austin, Jon and Shane
Me being silly holding Austin's beer

And Sunday was Mother's Day, spent like this.

With my sister/new mom, Mom and me
My sis and Zach made a great spread for the occasion!
We all ate outdoors in beautiful weather
Dane listened to Vampire Weekend and dozed

Then we did a family photo shoot - love taking pictures of this little family
So cute
hehe I missed the smile but caught the yawn
Sunday when I got home my friend Erin met us there - she was in town for a wedding and has a conference on Tuesday so she's staying over until then. We just hung out, took naps, had dinner (a new recipe i'll share tomorrow!) then called it a night - I was SO tired!!

Q: How's your Monday been? I worked in a workout at lunch but i'm beat - Remy was barking all night - sigh.

Q: What do you have going on this week?! I feel a bit overwhelmed this week - lots of stuff i'm trying to squeeze in before upcoming trips. I know i'll get it done though!

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