Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby Date, Chill Weekend

Happy Monday, bloggers! How is it going in your world?! Things are pretty good over here. I had a great workout this a.m., am enjoying my new favorite Starbucks latte and all is good. I'm SO GLAD to be back at work. Sounds crazy. But this will be my first full week of work since May 9 - 13 - it's time to get back in the groove of things and then complain about how I need time off. LOL And one of you asked about working from home - YES. I work from home one day per week, so I roll in Monday - Wednesday, have Thursday at home, then come in Friday. I absolutely love this day - it keeps me sane and I can get up early and pick up around the house, use my lunch to run errands when stores are kinda empty and when i'm off at 5 I'm already home.

K - enough about all of that - let's look at some babies! Yes? Loves... Saturday me, my sister and her sweet baby boy Dane headed over to see my bestie Megan and her little girl, Ava. Quick back story - Me and Megan, friends since kindergarten, roommates in college, bridesmaids in each other's weddings and she had a baby girl in February. I ADORED spending time with her, her husband and Ava - and of course having my sis and Dane there was icing on the cake. Seeing my two besties with their perfect, adorable children was so special - and those babies interacting?! OMG - Dane had never met a baby, and Ava had never met a baby boy (girls only! haha) - the babies kept holding hands. OMG Cute overload. Here's some pics...

Be cuter... really! Ava at 5 months and Dane at 2.5 months
Loved those little nuggets
Beautiful girl! I caught her with her eyes wide open!
Pretty mama and son - they really favor to me!
Dane and his little girlfriend holding hands!

Dane loved some Clint - he just kept smirking at him!
Me with 4 people I love so very much!
Beautiful mommies and their beautiful babies (not the best pic of the babes but the moms looked so good I figured they wouldn't mind!)
We visited for a few hours, had a glass of wine and then headed home to feed baby Dane. I also met up with Erin at Mellow Mushroom for a beer - heart the Strawberry Blonde. Then I went home, changed and headed up to Myori's with mom, Devon and Dane to meet mom's best friend Tonnya. No pics from there, but we had a nice dinner and I loved seeing Tonnya - i.e. the funniest person I know. After dinner we headed home and I showered, then me and the poodles headed over to Erin's. They did SO good with her lab and cats. (well - they did better with Magic, the cat who acts like a dog than Peanut). Me, Reuben and Remy stayed over in her guest room and slept SO good - like until 9 a.m., which, coincidentally, was when Austin came to get me from Destin! We said our goodbyes to Erin, then headed to my parent's house and said our good byes to mom, Devon and Dane. My mom also gave me a TON of books - can't wait to go through them again. Then my little family just drove home, unpacked, and vegged out - lovely Sunday!

Q: How was your Sunday? Aside from the 4-hour drive I enjoyed mine - good sleep, good weather and chill!

Q: Do you ever spend time around babies? I had so much fun seeing these two little babies on their playdate! haha I want them to get married!

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