Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Funny, It's the Weekend!

To start out with a funny.... hehe

I'm so corny - love it! Anywho - thanks you guys!! I loved your perspectives on work out time slots. It's always neat to hear how each of us make it work, and why - it definitely helps me to see your points of view! I have a bit of backing up to do - here goes!

Wednesday I got up early again - 3 days in a row for a.m. workouts! This time, I ran. And ran. I ended up running 2 mile straight, then doing 10 minutes on the stairclimber. Great workout! I then got ready, headed to work, met Crystal for yummy flatbreads at Seasons 52, worked more and then headed straight home to veg out.

Thursday I slept in, worked from home, used my lunch to cook and clean, worked more and then at 5 p.m. I showered, got in my PJs and just TOTALLY vegged with the family. I mean - I'm LOVING being back home and not having too many during-the-week obligations. Around 8 p.m. our sweet tooths kicked in, so we headed up to Yogli Mogli. They had a new fat-free frozen yogurt flavor - THIN MINT COOKIES. OMG it was wonderful and very low-calorie.
Seriously - made my day! So no workouts for Thursday - nice to take a little break. Today was another 2-a-day - got up early and went to my parent company gym. I walked 1/8 mile, ran 2 1/4 mile, walked 1/8 mile - two and a half miles in 25 minutes - yay! Then I went to a 4-hour meeting, before heading back to the gym during lunch for chest, triceps, abs and a 1-mile walk. Great 2-a-days-today. Now i'm about to head out for book club - looking forward to seeing some of my favorite girls!

Q: What are you doing this weekend? I have book club at Monica's tonight, then tomorrow we're going to try to get in a movie before a party at my friend Lo's and then Sunday we're going to the lake for Father's Day!

Q: Do you like Fro yo? What is your favorite flavor? Would you like 'thin mint cookies' flavor?! My favorite is probably peanut butter... mixed with dutch chocolate. yummmm I also like cookies & cream, birthday cake, red velvet - there is no limit to my love of fro yo!

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