Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Night Before Two-A-Days, Asian Menu!

Not nearly as cool as the night before Christmas, but whatever! To give you guys an idea of how I prep for my two-a-days, here it goes! It's basically a little checklist I use because if I forget something, there's not turning back!

I lay out/get together the following:
  • My workout clothes, HRM/chest strap, 2 ponytail holders, shoes/socks and iPod/headphones and lock/key. I put this all in the bathroom so I don’t wake up Austin!
  • I fill my Camelbak with water and put in the refrigerator.
  • I put a banana on the kitchen counter. (FYI - not workout-related, but I also load the car with work stuff like my laptop bag, fill my lunchbox and put it in the fridge next to the Camelbak)
And I pack the following:

  • Shower stuff: hang bag with mini soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, razor, shave gel and face wash. Also include rubberbands, cottonballs/q-tips and a mini eye-make up remover. And don’t forget shower shoes! (cheap flip flops)
  • Dry-off stuff: 2 towels and a wash cloth on a hanger (hanger is important so wet towels can hang dry in your car while you're at work!)
  • Hair stuff: Blow dryer, flat iron and hair brush
  • Face stuff: make-up bag with hair finishing products in it (hang straight and thermal reconditioning cream) – more on why they’re in there later.
  • Work outfit: Outfit on a hanger, shoes in bag and undergarments in bag
  • Workout #2 outfit: sports bra, shorts, top and socks for lunch or p.m. workout (if i'm doing 2-a-days)
  • Other: small plastic deordized bag for dirty clothes
Sounds like a lot, but it's really not because everything is mini and really, aside from the clothes, once you pack it once you don't have to again! Each night I just bring the bag upstairs and switch out the clothes and top off the mini bottles as needed. I swear – it all fits in one, normal-size bag. Actually – this bag that my sis got me for my birthday 2 years ago!

My caption from July 2009: Yes, I’m a cheeseball and take photogs of my reflection in my parent company’s ‘urban garden.’

Q: Did I miss anything? Any tips you have for the night before or for packing?

So after my Friday two-a-days and work I headed over to Monica's for book club! Monica made an awesome veggie-filled Greek salad, and had tons of toppings for us to choose from. I forgot how much I loved the addition of chickpeas to salads. Awesome. Stacy and I got there a bit early, then Devon (and Dane!) and Karly! We had a great time visiting and eating Mon's yummy dinner, and I had a couple of yummy glasses of wine - fab! I quickly got in my cozy clothes and we all just lounged around and caught up - SUCH a great chill night. In the meantime, Austin had Monica's husband Andy and Scott over to our house - they apparently did the boy thing - ate meat and drank beers! The boys stayed over, and I stayed at Mon's - awesome Friday!

I was asleep by midnight and got up today at 7! I read a bit, visited with Mon and Andy once he got home, then was at Trader Joe's when it opened for a few things before I stopped by Starbucks for my first grande skinny vanilla latte of the week! Wonderful treat before heading home to my family! Now i'm just going to chill, blog a bit, cook a bit - have a great Saturday afternoon!! Oh and I posted a new menu over at Healthified Kitchen! It's my Asian-inspired menu for 10!

Appetizers: Shrimp Eggrolls and Edamame

Sides: Bowl of White rice, Bowl of Brown Rice and Asian Vegetable Stirfry

Main Dishes: Szechuan Chicken (above) and Rice and Spicy Sesame Noodles with Chicken (below)

Q: Do you and your friends still have sleepovers?! I love it - especially now that we all have guest rooms! Sweet!

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