Tuesday, July 12, 2011

6 Birthday Pics, 3 Miles, Off to Cali

Happy Tuesday from LA! I arrived here at 3 p.m. (6 p.m. my time) and am having a great time so far! Quick recap: My Monday started out with a 3-mile run at 6.3 mph - woo! I'm loving how easy these runs feel, but MUST remember to work in the spin so I don't injure my little feet. I'm so cautious! Anyway, afterwards just work, quick run out to the bank, Starbucks and Target during lunch, more work, home to more work, TONS of packing for California and a bit of chill time with the family before I went to sleep for my big day of travel!

Also, Stacy and Shane sent me pictures from my birthday! Quick reminder: we went to Coast for dinner, then over to Fado for drinks! Here's some pics: 
The group at our little upstairs/private nook at Coast - GREAT seafood! And I loved this vodka/raspberry drink they had going on - who doesn't love fresh fruit in their drinks?!
My sweet friends sang happy birthday to me, and the restaurant gave us this  yummy, rich peanutbutter pie which we all promptly shared. And yes, my arm looks HUGE. LOL
Ze boys - Shane, Tyler, Scott & Austin
Stacy made MAD fun of herself when we saw this pic! LOL She didn't realize we were all crouched together. Hilarious! She kept calling herself a hooker and had us all laughing!
So we took the pic again and let her sit in this one in case she got sassy again! (me, Ruje, Mary , Danielle and Stacy)
Then we took one doing the Stacy pose. LOL 
Good times for sure! Thanks for the pics, Stacy! I'm already sad - I left today for California and she left for Chateau Elan. Then she's back Friday, I'm still gone. Then I'm back Wednesday, but she's at the beach until Friday. We're not back in the office together until July 25 - WTF?! 

Q: Do you have close friends at work? Are your days longer without them? I do and yes, they are! 

Q: What are you up to today? Today I flew out to LA with 7 of my co-workers. Pics to come tomorrow, which will be spent in meetings all day. We're to meet in the lobby at 6 a.m. ready to go... the only saving grace is that this is 9 a.m. my time - totally doable! But no gym - SAD.

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