Sunday, July 17, 2011

From Starbucks in San Fran to Fig PIzze in Napa

So let's see, I left off in San Francisco Thursday night! Friday started out with Starbucks in San Francisco, and ended with wine and Fig Pizze, or pizza, in Napa Valley - here are pictures!
We started our day with Starbucks.... they thought AUSTIN said OSCAR. Awesome.
Since we hadn't seen the Golden Gate Bridge yet Austin's parents drove us over it!!
Beautiful view of the other side of the bridge once we crossed it

We stopped at this area on the Sausolito side to take pics.
Me & Austin with the bridge in the background - SO foggy!
They asked us what else we hadn't done - we said Sausalito for lunch so off we went! We spotted this place - so cute - and stopped to eat!
It ended up being an Italian place called Poggio  - GREAT Italian restaurant. I got the gnudi - spinach ricotta pillows with beef ragu and parmigiano. I loved this shot of the four of us!
I liked this one of me and Michelle as well!
On our way out of Sausolito - so sweet of them to take us to the two things we wanted to do but hadn't gotten to yet. So now we still need to do Yosemite and Alcatraz - two things we knew we wouldn't have time for - perfect! And of course there wasn't even kind of time to eat at all of the places we wanted to try!
The car was still loaded up, but after the drive to Napa we stopped at a few wineries - why not?! Our first stop was Turnbull. We  had a great host!
Beautiful location - so many flowers and vines
I loved all of the pathways
And the little antique car! They said it gets from 0 to 20 mph in 20 minutes. LOL
We went into the reserves area and they had a photo exhibit going on - SO pretty
So we tasted more wines
I loved the height of all of the buildings - so cool
Then we went to our second wine tasting at Hall.
Loved this shot of Austin & his dad during a tasting
Afterwards we went to Cosentino Winery for our third and final wine tasting of the day (you know, before check-in and dinner LOL)
It was fun to go to the back and see the barrels and more about how wine is made
Another fun family shot in the back at Cosentino
Fun shot of me and Michelle!
Loved this picture of the family with our host at Cosentino!
Not too bad for our first day! By then it was 6 p.m. - closed wineries! So we headed to the hotel, checked in, freshened up, then went to dinner at Bistro Don Giovanni. The photo-taking ceased but I had a GREAT pizza, of all things- but it was a Black Mission Fig Pizza - arugula, caramelized onions, blue cheese and balsamic - AMAZING. Afterwards I fell fast asleep after a long, awesome day!

Q: Do people ever get your name mistaken?! Not so much with mine, but whenever I say Reuben's name, at least 30% of the time people think he is a girl named 'ribbon.' I get: "Oh RIBBON - what a cute name." Sigh. We thought Oscar was HILARIOUS!

Q: Ever had fig on  your pizza? Um, I MUST find a way to replicate this awesomeness.

Q: Ever had Turnbull. Hall or Cosentino wine? I had had Turnbull before, but the other two were new!

Quick workout update: No workouts Friday - to be honest my calves were still on fire from the 80-degree hills we climbed all over Thursday, but I've run (outside!) with Austin the last two days. Running here is AMAZING - cool temps, no humidity - I don't even need water. Insane. And no, I haven't and don't want to weigh myself... LOL Will def do a weigh post when I return. I left Atlanta at 121.5...

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