Sunday, July 10, 2011

Want to Take a Summer Daycation on SOYJOY? I did.... :)

Typically when I think of vacations, staycations and my newest-learned hybrid 'daycations', I think of this song. Who doesn't love the Go Go's Vacation?! LOL Now, however, I'll think of SOYJOY becauase they recently gave me the opportunity to take a daycation - a one-day getaway. And they were generous with the goods: dry fit shirts and towels if you opt for an active daycation, a backpack, water bottles and sunscreen for your outdoor daycation, and a cooler bag, 'Adult car games' book, Would You Rather card game and the Lonely Planet's USA Guide for a roadtrip daycation. On top of all of that - a digital camera for documenting it and a $50 AmEx gift card to help finance it. And last but not least, a box of  SOYJOY, a great on-the-go snack providing lots of energy, perfect to get you through your daycation. Seriously - all of this came in a box...
Awesome daycation pack!
Even Remy was impressed!

I immediately got to work- what
 we going to do?! We are usually vacation or staycation people - nothing in between. We're admittedly bad about getting out and exploring what our own city (Atlanta) has to offer. And with an already jam-packed summer schedule, we decided the SOYJOY daycation road trip was going to be best for our lifestyle. So we planned to take SOYJOY over to Dalton, Ga., to see two of our friends get  married! Dalton is 2 hours from our home, so 4 hours round trip in one day, which gave us a need for the cooler, camera, car games book, and of course SOYJOY bars. However, as you know my tummy didn't let us attend the wedding.  Boo. Thank you again for you get-better notes! :) SO, back-up plan, I was feeling a bit better today so we got up early and took a daycation to Rock Mill Park in Alpharetta, GA. We took the pups, grabbed some SOYJOYs, hit up Publix for some sandwiches, filled up water bottles and the new backpack and set out. Here's some pics:
Time to roll out!
Loved this gazebo
Reuben really enjoyed it. Yes, I had to carry him a good bit, but he was also a good little walker!
See - good walker! :)
After a while we stopped in this little alcove to have our SOYJOYs and Sammys
Reuben & Remy didn't eat, but they did take a water break on a SOYJOY towel. So cute!
We walked a bit more - so nice to go through all of the trails.  I'm such a gym-only worker outer so it was great to get out and enjoy the outdoors - and such a pretty day. It was overcast so not too hot, but the sun would pop out every now and again - no rain! 
The poodles did good but were EXHAUSTED at the end of the day. We strapped them in the car and headed home - GREAT daycation!
Today we tried the new flavor of SOYJOYs - pineapple!
Great day! It made me want a bike - we saw way more riders than walkers so there's a good chance i'm going to end up getting one!!

Q: Up for the challenge? SOYJOY will supply you with all the essentials for you and a friend to take your daycation! Some items in your Daycation kit ($250 value) will include the ones listed above! Two ways to enter:
  • Leave a comment here telling me what you would do on your daycation!
  • "Like" Fitting Back In on Facebook, and leave a separate comment here telling me you did (or that you already have!) to double your chances to win!
Giveaway ends at 5 p.m. EST Monday, July 18! 

And quick recap of the remainder of our day: My sis, mom and nephew came over! We just hung out, played with little Dane and had such a good time. They helped me redecorate the living room and entry way (pics coming soon!), and we also put Reuben and Remy in their newest outfits - LOVE IT. And last but not least, I got to show them my new necklace - I still haven't gotten a pic of me in it, but did take some of the necklace!
Love the little blue box...
My new keepsake
Close up!
I really love it - can't wait to wear it! I mean, I wore it all day today, but like under a t-shirt. haha K - off for movie night with the family - I hope you guys like SOYJOY's giveaway as much as I did!!

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