Saturday, July 9, 2011

In a Little Blue Box

Well, a little black box, in a little blue box, in a little blue bag. Whatever - I got something VERY exciting today!
Me and Austin got up early to go pick up our car (we cabbed it home last night). We swung by Michael Kors so they could get the key out of the lock on the bag I got in January. They fixed it - success! (and apparently I wasn't the first person who had tried to use the "non-function, decorative-only lock.") Then, we went by Hugo Boss for some shirts for Austin, then by Tiffany's because I had a gift card from our wedding (yes, from February 2008). I had lost it in the move...I know!... then I found it in some old paperwork when I was cleaning my closet last week.

So to Tiffany's we went... pictures to come tomorrow of what I got - eeee! I'd post today, but truthfully, I'm supposed to be at a wedding. Two of our close friends are getting married two hours away. But tummy issues have kept me from going...sad... so i'm in bed with my poodle, pedialyte and netflix and of course don't want to put the necklace on for a photo op in my PJs. LOL

I hope you're all having awesome Saturdays! I've decided to look on the bright side of having to miss the wedding: it's given me more time with the poodles, a movie night with Austin, and a chance to catch up on your blogs. Lovely!

Q: Have you ever gotten anything in a little blue box?! This will be my first time. My sister LOVES Tiffany's and her sweet husband gifts her earrings, necklaces, etc. around her birthday and Christmas time. I've never been a jewelry person (i.e. I wear my weddings rings... and that's it!). But I wanted a classic piece I could wear every day. And I got it. Eeeeee. :)

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