Saturday, July 9, 2011

Welcome to the SEC: Where Football Meets Fashion

Thank you for your birthday wishes!! I appreciate you guys so much - I'm having a great time celebrating (and continuing to celebrate) my birth. LOL Today i'm actually off to a wedding! I plan to read your blogs before I roll though - I'm SO behind!  So... let's play a game of Where's Waldo with yours truly... notice anyone familiar?!
My friend Lauren is the editor of Pretty Southern where she celebrates southernism and all that it entails, through music, food, art, traditions and more. She had seen my polyvore look for Auburn football I shared with you guys and asked if I wanted to write a post about it. So I did! If you're interested, check out Welcome to the SEC: Where Football Meets Fashion over at Pretty Southern, or check out a few more Auburn-inspired looks I made at Polyvore! It may help you see how it works (i.e. it links to the sites where I found the items!).

Quick recap of yesterday: Work, awesome lunch with my manager and team for my birthday at Chequers Seafood Grill, treats with my entire team at my desk (i'm talking cookie cake, 2-dozen cupcakes and edible arrangements), quick race home, shower, then dinner with friends for my birthday at Coast. Great dinner with awesome friends followed by late night drinkies - pics to come once I get with Stacy!!

Q: What's your game day attire? Have you  ever worn a semi-formal black dress and 4 inch heels to a football game?

Q: Ever had fish twice in one day? I dont' think I had before LOL. I had the mahi mahi with asparagus lemon risotto and tomato/cumcumber salad for lunch (thanks, Melissa!) and the Boston Lemon Sole with spinach, capers and mashed potatoes for dinner (thanks, Austin!)

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