Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Peppers, Puppers & Polyvore

So yesterday I showcased Reuben and our tomatoes. Thank you for your sweet comments! I of course think he is the cutest most perfect little fella! However, I neglected to give  Remy and our bell peppers a shout out!
They're coming in strong! We've eaten one already, and these guys get bigger every day! And please note, a few of you have said you have a hard time growing stuff/don't have a green thumb - note that I'm not growing anything. Austin is! This was ALL his doing and not to be obnoxious (assuming i'm not beyond that point already) but i'm SO proud of him!
This is Remy DURING a car ride. She is super comfortable in her seat belt and just rolls on her back and sleeps. Reuben, on the other hand, is a nervous little pup. While this position is cute, it gave  her matts in her arm/leg (?) pits. Sigh! Oh well - safety first! They're really taking well to their harnesses.
Outside of growing veggies and taking pictures of my furry passengers, I've been playing around in polyvore. A LOT. Working on outfits for Auburn football season. I'm nothing if not a fan.

Why is it that my favorite outfits usually consist of inexpensive items that IN TOTAL don't equal the cost of the bag I want to carry with them? Sigh. Yesterday's nutshell: I got up early for a quick 1 1/4 mile run with a bit of walking on the front and back for a total of 1.5 miles, followed by 15 minutes of spinning. Then it was work, working through lunch, more work, and then home to Austin a new recipe i'll post tomorrow - it marked my first time using cabbage! We also watched True Blood - i'm LOVING this seasons so far.

Q:Do you like polyvore? Ever used it?
Q: Are you watching True Blood? 

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