Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Let There Be Tomatoes.... and Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls

This weekend we ate these...

Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls
Makes 4 Servings
Adapted from Sweet & Savory

Nutritional Information (per serving/3 wraps): 436 calories, 2 fat grams 56 carbs and 36 protein grams.

Awesome. I loved that you got three wraps for one serving - lots of bang for your calorie count. The cream cheese/ranch mix added a great kick, and the buffalo chicken really was awesome - that parm/frank's paste gives it a  lot of flavor, which helped balance the plain, crunchy shell.The recipe is up at Healthified Kitchen!

Meanwhile, Reuben ate these... the new tomatoes (that I now think were apples I mistakenly labeled tomatoes)...
Love his little paw paws on it!
My favorite 
I think Martha would approve
And speaking of tomatoes... Austin's are out of control. In a good way. We think. 
He ended up buying these green stake thingies (official term). The wire tornado thingies were no longer cutting it.
Little action shot there (Austin was watering)
This was pretty much our Monday in a nutshell: haircuts for the pup, water for the plants, cooking for me, xBox for Austin and a lovely, relaxing day with only two fails: (1) the pup photo shoot - the weather did not permit this. It began raining shortly after the tomato photo shoot. (2) seeing fireworks/going to the pool/etc. - again, the rain did not agree with our plans. We still had a lovely 4th though and the pups were too tired from their grooming appointments to freak out when the fireworks (and thunder) boomed. Score!

Q: Do you have a favorite non-traditional egg roll? This one was my first one - I usually just put, you know, egg roll stuff in there. Now I feel like the possibilities are endless!

Q: How big can tomato plants get? Like for real. Should we be worried they're going to take over our house like kudzu? :)

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