Monday, July 4, 2011

I Did it All for the Puppers

I am a big fan of Martha Stewart's pet line at Petsmart. I mean really, be cuter. Today I picked up some 4th of July outfits for the pups because we're doing a photo shoot at the park this afternoon. Even as I was writing that I realized how ridiculous it sounded, but just go with me. You'll love the pics - promises. Hint: I got Remy a white sundress with little red embroidered crabs on it. Bonus - it was on sale from $20 to $7. So it was free in my mind. Dangerous thinking. I also picked up a couple of those tomatoes at left. Little crocheted tomatoes for them, awesome garden, homegrown tomatoes for us = perfect. I also got that little corn husk. While we're not growing corn (which would be insanely cool by the way), it was too cute (and only $1.67).

Q: Is there a line of pup stuff you prefer for your dog?! I'm always looking for new stuff to try for the pups! We like Martha's stuff, Petstages toys for the first year, outward hound for life vests/seat belts, Science Diet for food and Little Jacs for treats.

Now because it feels weird to post about the pups without posting a picture of the pups, here's a pic I put together because I clearly have too much time on my hands to illustrate their color-changing abilities.
My Color-changers
Outside of shopping for the pups, I also got around to writing the book review for Sheryl J. Anderson's Killer Heels. The book was about a journalist, Molly Forrester, and her two best friends. In the book she stumbles upon a co-worker's body and, in an attempt to further her writing career, she tries to find out whodunit. Seriously funny and well written. While it did have a mystery in it, it's definitely not a mystery - at times I would forget about the murder and just enjoy her and her friends' funny conversations about event planning, men, etc. Chick lit with a mystery component for sure. It's the first book in a series and i'll definitely be checking out the others. I give it a 3.5/5 and declare it a light beach read!

And before I roll to the park with the fam, quick nutshell of yesterday: grocery store, cooking, blogging, BBQ with Tyson & Babs over at Mel & Jon's, day drinking, good times. I didn't take one picture though! (who am I?) But did have a great time! And I made a new recipe that I'll be sharing tomorrow - a non-Asian-inspired recipe that used egg roll wrappers - awesome!

Q: How are you spending your weekend? Our staycation has been just what we needed! 

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