Saturday, August 13, 2011

A.M. Workouts, Austin's Birthday, Austintatious!

Where did the week go?! No really - how is it already Saturday and I haven't posted since Wednesday? Wowza. K- backing up!

Wednesday: Worked out before work! I ran 2.5 miles at 6.3 and walked .5 miles at 4.0 - 3 miles - woo! Then it was just work, working through lunch, and heading straight home after work to the family - CRAZY busy day.
Thursday: Worked, worked, worked. We're operating MAJOR skeleton crew right now so long hours. Boo. That was the day. No workouts, no reading, no cooking - SAD!
Friday: Worked about before work! I ran 2 miles at 6.3 and walked .25 miles at 4.0 - 2.25 miles! Then it was a repeat - work, errands during lunch, more work, and then time for some fun! It was Austin's actual birthday (we did his dinner Wednesday and have his get together next Saturday). BUT, we got to do gifts! I got him a watch, Under Armour stuff (2 shirts, shorts, socks, etc.), Banana Republic boxers and a vintage Braves t-shirt - YAY! Then Lindsey & Josh got in (from St. Simons/Brunswick!) - fun! We had a bottle of wine that we bought in Napa (Bremer Family Austintatious to celebrate Austin!), then went to 5 seasons Brewery, where we had a bit more wine, lots of catching up with the Adkisons, cornhole fun which all led to a cab ride home - great, fun night! Here's a few pics (thanks to Lindsey!):

Me & my Bestie Lindsey!
Austin & Josh!
The Adkison's & Martin's drinking Austin's birthday shot Jamie made us!
Indoor Cornhole of course
Good times! And yes, I'm SO ready for work to slow down. I don't see it happening for a while... boo...

Q: Any advice for when work gets CRAZY?! :) So far the morning workouts are REALLY helping, and I've definitely got to stick to my Sunday cooking and freezing - this week I've seriously been either working late, or coming straight home and getting in PJs - barely have the energy to microwave a cooked meal much less cook!

Q: Whatcha doing this weekend? We're grilling out tonight - can't wait!

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