Sunday, August 14, 2011

Impromptu Summer BBQ

Why is the weekend almost ovveerrrr??? [insert bratty whine] Grrr. I had such a great weekend and truly don't want it to end! Saturday's chill day turned into a busy, fun day that ended with an impromptu get together - pretty fab! So Josh got up early to golf, and me and Lindsey got up early and spent 4 hours out! (Austin stayed back with the pups!). Lindz and I went by the outlets, the mall, DSW, Trader Joe's, Starbuck's - you name it! Great day and of course I loved spending time with her - we didn't even turn the radio on- just talk, talk, talked! We got home around 2, and planned to have a BBQ and Andy/Mon were coming for dinner. Then Austin talked to Scott (via xBox of course) and him and Mary were in. Then Josh talked to John and Jen and they were in. Jen was bringing her baby boy Brady and I was like hmmm, wonder what Devon & Zach are doing? While Zach was working, Dev and her baby boy Dane were in! So it quickly went to 11 friends, 2 adorable babies and 3 dogs = love it. We had burgers, pasta salad, baked beans and Jen & John brought these AMAZING caramel brownies. The babies got passed around, ate, chilled, then had a sleepover in our living room in their cute little PJs - loved it.  The dogs went back and forth between besties to barking - sigh. Can't win them all! The guys stayed outside with cornhole, and us girls stayed in. SO FUN to catch up with everyone - low key, early start, early finish = awesome. Here's some pics!
Mon Bon & Reuben! He was loving on her all night!
Lindz & adorable baby Brady!
Getting the cornhole started
Girls catching up!
What happens when I try to take a candid shot of the boys LOL
This one worked out better!
My beautiful sister and her presh little Dane!
When babies meet - love this pic of these two new moms! The babies are only 1 week apart!!
SO CUTE!! He is such a perfect mix of John and Jen - love it!
Miss Reina had a BLAST outside! 
I got to use the Pottery Barn BBQ set my mom got me last year - yay!
Ze food
Austin's burgers!
Moms & Babies taking a break to get the babies settled down for the night!
Dane & Brady would just sit and smile at each other and  "talk" - make cute noises at each other!
The guys pretty much set up shop here!
Girl picture!! :) Loved seeing everyone so much - we MUST do more chill nights. I do believe if this had been planned though it wouldn't have worked out. haha
Me & Mon Bon!
Austin being silly with Devon & Dane - and wearing the new shirt I got him! 
So that was our Saturday in a nutshell - a great day! Today involved TONS of cooking - can't wait to post some new recipes this week!

Q: What was the highlight of your weekend? 

Q: What's your favorite thing to grill? I always go for kebobs, Austin goes for burgers. Truly, I was all for burgers because I was so pumped to use my BBQ set - thanks again, Mom! :)

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