Friday, September 2, 2011

How Are You Spending Your Saturday?!

Last Saturday morning was spent like this:
Bathing the babies! hehe so tiny when wet

Making Austin breakfast in bed!
Making a new squash casserole - loved it  - need to post the recipe!
This Saturday morning will be spent like this: 

YES - it's Auburn foot ball time and I can't wait to see all of my AU besties and get outside to tailgate! I will say i'm 99% certain i've picked up the sickness going around my office - ugh. My throat hurts, hurts to swallow, headache, etc. - but I plan to power through - we'll see!

Quick Update: Thursday was pretty much spent working all day and through lunch and feeling like poo. Sad! I didn't work out but did get a lot of work stuff done so not a total loss. I also made a TON of recipes as my pre-sick self had defrosted 6 pounds of chicken. Yes, SIX, so I had to whip some up or risk wasting it. I CAN'T waste food so I made some easy ones. Today has been okay - still feel bad, did schlep myself down to the new gym!! More on that later. :) I walked 3 miles and did abs. Nothing major, but it felt good to do something. Now i need to drink a TON of water.

Q: So, how are you spending your Saturday? Any football watching for you?

Q: What has been the highlight of your week? And OMG can you believe it's SEPTEMBER?!

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