Sunday, September 4, 2011

Auburn Won! And so did Bronchitis.... grrrr!

Happy Sunday! I'm blogging from the road. We're driving back from Auburn after a narrow victory over Utah State - at least we won! And now our defense knows what their "areas of opportunity" are. Yes, yes they do. The pups are sleeping in the back and clearly Austin is driving. hehe My Saturday was pretty much spent as I expected EXCEPT I have bronchitis. Yes, yes I do. I woke up Friday sick but tried to power through. I even took my friend Erin's advice for a sore throat: hot tea + honey + bourbon. It was kind of amazing. But alas, I woke up Saturday feeling weak having not slept due to the pain I felt each time I tried to swallow. BOO. However, I still got up early, got ready and went out to the tailgate. I thought, maybe i'll feel better if I get there! (11 a.m. games means be at the tailgate by 8 a.m.!). Jimmy had picked up Starbucks and things were looking up, but alas, I barely made it to halftime before I had to drive my sick butt home to Teresa's to sit on the couch with all of the dogs and finish watching the game! T came with me - it was so hot she was fine to get into some AC and of course I loved having the company! We made tea, blogged, she edited my portfolio and all was good! And Auburn won - WOO! Then everyone came home around 5 and we relaxed before watching the GA game (boo; loss to Boise State) and the LSU game (won, but truly I was more invested in the GA game!). I got more sick as the day went on: "mucinex in mucus out" is RIGHT - ugh. But here are some pics before my well being went downhill!
I made Teresa one of the hot tea, honey bourbons - she loved it! hehe
Me, Mar and T! (Yes, I wore an orange bag - wasn't totally lost of orange!)
Another shot from our 12+ picture photo shoot! haha
Me & Austin at Tiger Walk right by the tailgate!
The boys!
We met up with Erin & JT at their tailgate and visited with Turner & Lucy!
Great to see my Enterprise girls! Erin, Katie and Lucy! And to note Katie's yellow - she' s a bammer who  married into an Auburn family - house divided! So she was neutral today!
So yes, I'm still glad I went but UGH, I just hate hate hate being sick! No will to do anything but fill my water glass. JUST when I was making progress in the September Shape Up area. Sigh. Oh well. Health first and right now my body is saying, "sit down and shut it - rest, water, rest, water."

Q: What's your favorite thing to drink when you're sick? I'm LOVING the hot tea - I only had one of the bourbon honeys but just the hot tea (green Earl Grae) has been my bestie.

Q: What's your favorite thing to do when you're sick? I think i'm going to curl up in the bed with a case of water and my medication and read your blogs whilst watching ABC family shows. Thoughts? LOL

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