Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall TV Talk: 14 New Shows I'll be Testing Out

Oh Fall TV. Each year I get SO excited for new shows, especially after the sad wasteland of nothingness that is TV during the summer. Don’t get me wrong, I make use of NetFlix (getting into even more TV shows that I missed the first go round like Fringe and The Good Wife), but it’s just not the same. In making full use of my absolute sick Sunday (in case you missed it, I have bronchitis), I spent the day checking out all of the new shows and deciding what I will tune into! Let’s talk about the new shows! starred (*) shows are ones i'm MOST excited about. hehe I have too much time on my hands when i'm sick. clearly.
  1. Terra Nova*: Dinosaurs? Done. I’m in. I’m obsessed. For more details, premise: takes place in 2149, humans have destroyed our world, so a group of peeps led by what looks like some military faction jump in a portal which takes them 85 million years in the past for a second chance to make things right. And there are dinosaurs. The end. Bonus: I can watch with Austin.
  2. Hart of Dixie*: Love Rachel Bilson, love the premise (a NY doctor in AL) and while I’m sure a lot of cheesy over-souternizing things will piss me off I’m still in! And it was created by the Gossip Girl peeps so that promises a level of drama I can get on board with.
    It even has that guy who played the basketball player who Brandon tutored from 90210!
  3. The Playboy Club: Looks cute! I’ve heard it called ‘a poor man’s Mad Men’ but whatever. It’s Chicago. It’s the 60’s. It’s all a big party, smoking and drinking and behind the scenes at the Playboy Club. Premise: boy, Nick Dalton, attends the club a lot; I see a love triangle; I see an accidental murder. I’ll give it a try!
  4. Ringer*: Sarah Michelle Gellar is back! Yessss! Being a HUGE Buffy fan I’m excited to watch a new show with her. The preview is a little… weird and ambiguous (there’s two of her? One dies and takes over the other’s life, maybe?) Whatever. I’m in!
    Yay, Buffy, you're back!
  5. New Girl: I’m not a huge Zoey Duschmel fan but I’ll try it; it looks cute and like I’d get a few laughs from it (premise: she’s socially awkward; her BF breaks up with her so she moves in with 3 guys who are going to help her date).
  6. Unforgettable: Part crime-solvers, part romance – focuses on a female detective in NY who has a “blessing and a curse” – she remembers everything – she has hyperthymesia (superior autobiographical memory). Looks pretty cool – I’ll give it a go!
  7. Up All Night*: Christina Applegate and her husband have a new baby hence the title, Up All Night. All about them adjusting to life with a baby. Looks like a hilarious, cute comedy!
    So glad she's back! I even liked her in Samantha Who - she's so funny!
  8. Free Agents: Giles from Buffy is on there! Love him! He plays the boss of two PR executives who are both on the rebound – jokes look funny – I’ll give it a try!
  9. Revenge*: Riley from Buffy is on here! And Emily Van Camp from Brothers & Sisters and Everwood. Not a huge fan of hers, but this looks good. Premise: she’s taken away from her father (and dog – sad trailer!) as a young girl. We don’t know why, but she knows who did it and she’s trying to get revenge. Looks juicy, high drama, takes place in the Hamptons – I’m in!
    I might be most looking forward to this and sidebar, this looks like a really chic wedding party, no?  haha
  10. Charlie’s Angels: I have to at least give it a try – loved the movies and I was named after a Charlie’s Angel after all. :)
  11. The Secret Circle: Witches. A mystery. I’m in! Premise: girl’s mother dies mysteriously, she moves to a small town to live with her grandmother, joins a new school and is identified as the 6th witch needed in a circle – looks good enough to try it!
  12. Whitney: Female comedian gets her own funny show – I’ll try it!
  13. Grimm: A show where scary fairytales come true and this guy, a grimm, can see things before they happen and help prevent them. He happens to be a cop, too. Looks pretty good – I’ll try it!
  14. Pan Am: Looks cute – takes place during a time when flight attendants are the new woman. I worry there won’t be much of a story there though, but I’m willing to give it a try and love that Christina Ricci is in it – so cute!
I’m going to be SO busy, well until some of these shows get cancelled (premonition: I think it will be Hart of Dixie, The Playboy Club, Ringer, Charlie’s Angels, The Secret Circle, Whitney and Free Agents).

And now, here is my new TV schedule for the fall… I have a lot to watch!

8 p.m.: Gossip girl; Terra Nova (new)
9 p.m.: Hart of Dixie (new)
10 p.m.: Castle; The Playboy Club (new)

8 p.m.: 90210; Glee
9 p.m.: Ringer (new)
9 p.m.: New Girl (new)
10 p.m.: Parenthood; Unforgettable (new)

8 p.m.: Up All Night (new); Free Agents (new)
9 p.m. Modern Family
10 p.m. Revenge (new)

8 p.m. Charlie’s Angels (new)
9 p.m. Grey’s Anatomy
9 p.m. The Secret Circle (new)
9:30 p.m. Whitney (new)

9 p.m. Grimm

9 p.m. Desperate Housewives
10 p.m. Pan Am (new)

Not sure where One Tree Hill and Cougar Town are on the schedule, but I will be watching these as well!

What I WILL NOT be watchingH8R. Oh my – it’s a show on the CW where they bring “celebrities” in to meet people who hate them. For instance, this girl hates Kim Kardashian. She films this hatred. Mario Lopez swoops in and connects these two people. Kim shows this girl that she’s really a good person. They present it as though it’s heart-warming. Absolutely not. And I Hate My Teenage Daughter. Again, oh my. Two women each have daughters who treat them like shit and disrespect them and we’re supposed to laugh? No. I can’t watch people get ran over, especially parents who are supposed to be in charge! Can’t do it! And others like Last Man Standing (I love you, Tim Allen, but no), Man Up and Suburgatory (could be cute but I think they would annoy me), and The X Factor (no more talent shows).

And now, it’s time to say RIP to two of my shows that will be no longer. 
Brothers & Sisters – you will be missed, even though we both know this last season was a little slow. And I never liked that Calista’s character’s name was Kitty. There, I said it. And lastly, Hellcats – you were so bad, but I loved you anyway. Your soapiness will be missed - what will I watch now whilst multi-tasking yet still keeping up with the plot? I just don’t know.

Q: What are you going to watch this fall?

Q: Any of your favorite shows being cancelled?!

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Shelli said...

You are probably the only person I know that takes fall tv as seriously as I do! I posted my chart a few days ago! I watched Whitney on stand up and shes one funny chick! Cheers to new tv and the end of blah summer shows!