Monday, September 19, 2011

Motivation Monday, A.M. Running

Since I jumped the gun, doing Meal Plan "Monday" on Sunday (which I think i'm going to keep doing as that's when I cook the recipes - Monday is simply when I start eating them!) - I decided on Motivation Monday! Clearly I need as much alliteration in my life as possible. Here are some things that are motivating me today:
SO TRUE. I tell Austin all the time, "The PRESIDENT of the United STATES works out every day, but I know people who 'don't have time' - as if!" (capital letters to emphasize how bratty I am when I make this statement - clearly "I don't have enough time" hits a nerve. And please hear 'as if' per Clueless/Alicia Silverstone.). Regardless, this motivates me to get up and go! Found on from pinterest. 
Absolutely - time flies so don't wait - just do! Found on pinterest as well (shocker). Original source:
AND this little fella is still cracking me UP. It brings the Girltalk song below into my mind which TOTALLY pumps me up!

To hear the part specifically related to snufflin' or hustlin', please fast forward/drag to about 2.14 minutes. Note: the song does get a bit...let's say vulgar following the huslin' mention (around 2.45). I'd be remiss if I didn't provide a head's up! :) I LOVE this mash up though, and when this part comes on and i'm running I can't help but laugh. Out loud. On a treadmill with other people around. Whatevs!

Q: What's motivating you today? I think i'm going to be on a high from my workout this a.m. for a while (well, that and the double shot of espresso)! I didn't work out on Sat. or Sun. so today I went in hoping to run 2.5 miles again - but I ran 3 straight and walked 1 - good a.m. workout! I think i'm obsessed with running in the a.m. I now can not IMAGINE running at any other time, even though I used to NEVER work out in the a.m. How quickly I forget!

Q: How was your weekend - what was the highlight?! Mine was definitely the massage Austin got me. Much needed! And I really enjoyed my weekend ridin' solo with the pups - great to catch up at home, on your blogs, on my cooking - good stuff!

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