Sunday, September 18, 2011

Meal Plan "Monday", Relaxing Weekend

Happy Sunday! Hope you're having a good one so far! It's still pretty early here, but so far the pups are fed, a load of laundry is in, the dishes are unloaded and i'm about to do a bit of work before hopping in the shower - not too shabby. So I typically post Meal Plan Monday on, well, days other than Monday! I post it late, or this week, early. So it's Meal Plan "Monday." :) One of these days I'll get it together again! Truly though, I usually make my 'to-make' list on Thursday, Friday or Saturday so I can cook it Sunday. Anyway, enough chatter! Here's what I plan to make this week (the oldies - no pics of the new recipes yet!)

Upside Down Pizza - 6 servings for only 15 minutes of prep - done!

Beef & Bean Enchiladas  - going to try this new 'fold-over method' - kind of pumped about it. :)

Coconut Curry Chicken Soup - bell pepper, parsley and coconut milk on hand - this is happening!

Garlic Ranch Chicken Pizza  - I'm officially craving ranch - time to bring this recipe back out!

Mexican Breakfast Burritos with Avocado - still obsessed with these... can't stop making them... made all of the black beans already - it's on!

The rest will be NEW recipes - a new breakfast, a new slowcooker recipe & a new Asian recipe - Skinny General Tso's! I'm making most of these today so I need to head out, quick recap of yesterday:  sleep, 1-hour deep tissue massage (my first deep tissue - yowza - good stuff and i'm definitely feeling the benefits today), starbucks and football watching (Auburn's winning streak came to an end - 17-game run, wins since November of 2009 - it's (still) great to be an Auburn Tiger! And to lose to other Tigers, our sister school Clemson, wasn't so bad. Austin said, "It's like losing a poker game to your cousin. It sucks because you didn't win (of course), but you can't really hate on that." Austin was in Clemson/went to the game (jumped in last minute to a guy/Winnebago trip) and said the fans were SO nice before, during and after the game and many were checking in and making sure their fans were being nice - they said they were returning the favor to when they were in AU and we were so nice. Isn't that just nice?! So southern. Love it. :) 

After football-watching, it was time for blog-reading, recipe-finding, playtime with the poodles and just a nice, long day of nothingness. Even got some work done. SO relaxing. I guess I just needed a day alone - I've never spent the weekend alone. Truly, I've never left work on Friday, come home to an empty house and just spent the weekend alone. While I don't think this would ever become a regular thing, it was pretty nice! No obligations, no to-do lists, no goals-to-accomplish - just nonstop chilling!

Q: Ever spent the weekend alone doing nothing? I think I will definitely do this again when life gets stressful - it was just what I needed, although I of course missed my Cardens & Veloti in Birmingham, and Austin in Clemson. They were SO supportive though and understanding of my last minute 'i'm staying home for my sanity' plans. Love my friends. :)

Q: Have you been craving anything lately? I can't get away from buffalo flavored everything (pizzas, pretzels, my new wonton recipe - you name it) and avocados... I'm working avocados into everything!

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