Saturday, September 17, 2011

Book Review, The Secret Circle

Herro! Hope you're all having beautiful Saturdays! I slept in a bit and am now getting ready for a surprise massage from Austin. :) He booked me a massage and pedicure today - told me to take care of me - which of course just makes me love him even more. Before heading out, I wanted to post my book review for James Patterson's Cross Country. So, it held my interest, but not necessarily because I liked it but because I just really wanted to know what would happen next. The book took Alex Cross to Africa to find a "tiger" who brutally murdered his friend and her family. There were a few twists and turns but by then I didn't care - I was just like can you please stop putting yourself in extremely dangerous situations! It was like the girl in the horror movies that's always alone and running towards woods instead of civilization. I kept going no, no, no! Why??! So it was a bit frustrating needless to say. I found myself being more interested in the plight of those in Africa (the starvation, rapes, caves, etc.) - and then when it got to the story i'd be like oh yeah... whatever - go put yourself in harm's way again - go on. I guess I just felt that I went into it for a good Alex Cross mystery, but instead was faced with an education on the horrendous conditions in Africa. All in all, I give it a 2/5 - it just wasn't what it positioned itself as - boo.

Quick recap of yesterday: Short a.m. workout (1-mile run, .25-mile walk, 10-minute arc trainer, 10-minute abs); work, work, work then straight home to my family - yay! Early night, blogging, reading blogs, watching Felicity. I just love that show. I also got a chance to see The Secret Circle. Not my favorite, not my least favorite. I'll watch it a few more times but if I don't start caring about the characters a bit more i'll have to stop. Sigh, so far fall TV which I was so excited for has been somewhat of a letdown. I still have hope though!

K - heading out to my massage then home to relax, cook a few new recipes and read my book club book - can't wait!

Q: What are you cooking up this weekend?

Q: What are you reading now? Our book club is reading Saving Ceecee Honeycutt - I haven't gotten to start it yet - looking forward to it - have heard good things!

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