Friday, September 23, 2011

Where did My Week Go?! Missed you!

Yup, I'm just SO busy and important. LOL
Boo! I've been so absent - sad! I can't believe it's Friday already but MAN I feel like I deserve it! LOL This week in a nutshell:

  • Monday: a.m. workout (3-mile run; 1-mile walk; biceps/shoulders) then SLAMMED at work - only day in the office.
  • Tuesday: no workout; day 1 of training; crazy busy day learning more about coaching, meeting my leadership program and 2 others; cool stuff.
  • Wednesday: a.m. workout (2.5 miles running; 1/4 mile walking); more training - OMG.
  • Thursday: a.m. workout (45 minutes of a new class called Rip & Ride - a spin and strength training class). The class was insane - loved it - took the class with Stacy and enjoyed it. Then training, bad weather - ugh. LONG day.
  • Today: NO workout; just training, presentations, insanity. Seriously! But good.

I LOVE training. I do. But 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. of nonstop with a few breaks; group lunches; essentially no alone time; no working from home and work piling up, not to mention the stress of what we were trying to accomplish in training (long story - don't want to bore you!) - and it ended with us being put into groups to work on an 8-week cross-departmental project assigned to research a business problem, build a case, make a presentation of recommendations, etc. Good stuff but wowza- I missed my family and poodles this week and got (clearly!) behind on life. But this evening is catch up, and tomorrow is chill, and tomorrow evening is friend time and Sunday is family day - WOO. :)

Q: How was your week?  What did I miss? blog reading tomorrow!

Q: What are you doing this weekend? forgot - also hoping to work out and get a pedicure tomorrow - fun!

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