Sunday, September 25, 2011

Meal Plan "Monday"; Fun Football Saturday

Happy Sunday! I hope you're all having good days! My day is going well - just catching up on TV, blogging and cooking - not too shabby after my crazy week! I'm also choosing the recipes to make today for the week. In addition to a few new ones, I'm making these:

Chinese Garlic Chicken 

Chipotle Chicken & Rice

Taco Soup

English Muffin Breakfast Pizzas

Tomato Pesto Pizza

Already excited! What are you up to today? I'm planning on a visit to the gym and just cooking and hanging with the family = RELAXING! Yesterday was pretty relaxing, yay! Started with a pedicure, then a trip to the grocery store, then a shower and then prep for having friends over for football/dinner/etc. around 5! Mon/Andy brought an awesome cobb salad, Devon/Zach brought Dev's fabulous chocolate chip "cookie balls" and Mel/Jon/Jose brought a tomato/cucumber salad and asparagus bundles in bacon - YUM. Everything was great! Me/Austin made a couple of appetizers (Italian Chicken Wontons & Crescent Pigs on a Stick) and then we served sliders! Fun to do a slider bar: fiesta sliders, meatball sliders and buffalo chicken sliders. Recipes to come! Unfortunately I took NO pictures. boo! Was just enjoying the friends, the  babies (6-month-old Dane and almost 2-year-old Madison), and the pups (Reina Blanco, Sadie Porter, and of course are Reuben & Remy). Great evening, and Auburn won - WOO!

Q: Have a favorite kind of slider? The meatball sliders went quick!

Q: What's your favorite appetizer? The crescent pigs were SUPER easy, and fun to serve on a stick with ketchup and mustard dippers!

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