Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weekend in Athens; Yacht Rock!

Happy Saturday! Hope you're all having great weekends - I'm having a blast! Friday I worked all a.m., then headed to the gym with Stacy for a cardio class. OMG Too many squats and side lunges with a weighted bar. Too, too many! Good class, then I ran a mile before doing a bit of ab work. Then it was time to head home, pack up the car, drop off the pups and get over to Athens for the UGA vs. Mississippi State weekend! We got in around 6 and met Austin's brother Tyler at the condo, then we went and picked up Elliot from his fraternity and Tyler's girlfriend Amy met us - time to go eat! We headed to East West Bistro - GREAT food. I had a little bit of bruschetta and calamari, then enjoyed my mahi mahi, mashed potatoes and asparagus dinner. AWESOME. I took lots of pics of the boys downtown - so fun!

Me & the Martin Boys
This guy was pretty interesting - he drew quite a crowd (pun intended)
After dinner we went to the Georgia Theatre to see Yacht Rock! INSANELY AWESOME - they played the most obscurely fabulous songs from the 60's, 70's and 80's - such a great show and we had an awesome spot and great seats - fabulous! They even played Steely Dan - yessss - so obsessed.

Q: What are you up to?! I'm seriously having the best weekend - so glad to have some free time to really enjoy the weekend. 

Q: Cooking anything up this weekend? I have two new recipes to share - one is this awesome cheesy broccoli & rice casserole - fabulous. 

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