Monday, October 3, 2011

New Zara Dress, Athens Cont.!

Happy Monday! I hope you're having great days! I'm so tired today - ugh - the downside to having a wonderful weekend! Backing up, Saturday we got up around 9, had breakfast at the condo, got ready, hit up Starbucks and then met Austin's family over at E's fraternity house. We had a quick bite to eat then headed over to the game! It was WARM but such a pretty day and UGA scored big against Mississippi state - awesome! After the game we took the shuttle back, had a few snacks then headed to Blue Sky Bar or "Beer Heaven." We had a few drinks and watched the Auburn game - WE WON against SC - woo! Great days for AU & UGA. After the game we hung out with Tyler & his friends for a bit before heading to dinner at La Dolce Vita - the food was AMAZING - great Italian. I got the mushroom ravioli and couldn't have been happier. After dinner we went  with  Tyler to meet up with his friends and ended up grabbing a cab, picking E up then heading to Tyler's to hang out where it got late fast, before getting in another cab and heading home! Great, long day in Athens. Here's some pics:
A UGA win!
Packed house
Hanging at E's house
I got to wear my new Zara dress! Perfect for game day and SO comfortable! Originally $80, I got it on sale for $30!
The sign to beer heaven
Perfect day to watch football outside! 
Austin with two of his favorite peeps!
The guys had a great time!
No, he didn't clean his plate - the meatballs were insane though!
Austin had so much fun with Tyler!
Great family dinner - well, minus E!
Sunday we slept in and had a slow start, not changing out of our pajamas until 11 or so! Then the boys met up with us and we had a great brunch at Farm 255 - a neat spot. I seriously felt like I was eating in an anthropologie. Like the day before, it got late quick, so we headed out around 2:30 or so, picked up the pups and had a chill day at home, unpacking, cooking a bit, doing a bit of laundry and calling it a night. GREAT, fun & relaxing weekend. No workouts, but i'll get back to it this week!

Q: What was the highlight of your weekend? Mine was just the entire trip to Athens - so much fun.

Q: What are your plans for the week? Mine involve lots of work outs and catching up on my sleep - definitely a chill week before we head to Auburn! I also have a bunch of recipes to post, and two new ones to make!

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