Monday, December 26, 2011

Getting Back on the Horse

Today it's back to:
Today  i'm doing arms & shoulders & abs!
I want to go to the gym and just WALK on a treadmill. I haven't walked in forever! It's always rush, run, rush, run - today I just want to incline with some magazine - woop!

I have SO many recipes created, measured and READY to go!  Today I hope to make: a new breakfast casserole from My Bizzy Kitchen, Turkey & Squash Risotto, Black Bean Butternut Squash Burritos, King Ranch Chicken and Stuffed Green Peppers!

Outside of cooking and working out, it's a bit of laundry, my mom's birthday dinner, chilling with the poodles (of course!) and downloading/editing Christmas pics!! I'm also assessing 2011's goals - I'm already nervous! haha

Q: What are you getting back to post-holiday?!

Q: What was the highlight of your holidays?

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