Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011's 30 Resolutions.... How Did I do?!

I can't believe it's December. I can't BELIEVE 2012 is around the corner, in less than 1 week. O. M. G. This year has brought on a lot of surprises and ended up being far busier than I could handle, but regardless I tried to keep my goals in mind. Some I didn't get to - TGF2012! K - Here were my original 30 To-Dos for 2011, and below is how everything shook out!

Goal #1. Try out lots of new fitness classes to mix up my cardio.Tried spin and body pump - ending up LOVING spin. Also took some classes at my new work gym - Rip & Ride (spin/strength mix), Zumba and Yoga.  I also am doing P90X - really mixing it up!
Goal #2. Start C25K again. Got up to 3 miles straight again - woo! Now I feel like I can hop on and run 2-3 miles 2-3 times a week no problem - this feels great and my foot is loving the mix of cardio too - less stress for sure.
Goal #6. Omit needless things. Go through all closets and donate or toss. Go through all clothes and donate or toss.Took. For. Ever. But so worth it! And I donated 10+ bags to Goodwill!
Goal #7. Organize the pantry. Done - special thanks in part to my label maker. picture coming!
Goal #8. Organize the spice cabinet.
Yes, I get it - it's a spice drawer, not a cabinet - but it works best for us!
Goal #9. Train Remy. she's sitting and shaking - great little one!
Goal #11. Continue making new recipes, at least 5 per month. I did 5/month... in fact I posted 117 posts in healthified kitchen with more than 100 of those being recipes - eeee!
Goal #12. Reupholster chaise in master bedroom; get new bench for foot of bed. HALFWAY DONE; got a new bench but still need to reupholster! picture coming!
Goal #13. Have TV mounted and cable installed. We decided not to mount but DID get cable in the kitchen and adjusted our cable plan so i'm marking as DONE!
Goal #18. Don’t buy any books. Haven't. bought. one! (unless they're for book club - that doesn't count!)
Goal #21. Create a gift center. Did it, love it, so nice to have all of my tape, ribbon, cards, bags, tissue, etc. in one place! picture coming!
Goal #22. Get a container and establish a location for extra buttons. Great to have this on hand!
Goal #23. Buy lamps. DONE - love the new bedroom lamps and moved so much around in the house because of getting them - yay!
Goal #24. Hang shelves/hooks in guest bathroom. DONE - really happy with the final result! picture coming!
Goal #25. Get gutters cleaned. All Austin!
Goal #26. Block puppy escape route. All Austin!
Goal #27. Get fan in guest room corrected. All Austin!
Goal #28. Create a kitchen business center.Has been GREAT!
So nice to know where everything is, or where it's supposed to be!

Goal #29. See menus to make recipes! Loved doing this - gave me so many ideas including: Thanksgiving Club Sandwiches, General Tso's Chicken, and Margarita Pasta. I have a bunch more coming - can't wait to cook 'em!
Goal #30. Spend as much time with my nephew Dane as possible! I don't know that there's such a thing as 'enough' time, but I do feel like I got to see the little nugget a lot and I loved every minute of it!

Went Well, but didn't finish!
Goal #5. Make a 2010 book. Still have April - December to do - eek! Moving to 2012.
Goal #16. Make more mealplans (at least one per quarter). only 1 shared so far - plan to focus on this in 2012!

Goal #17. Have date night at least once per week. went pretty well! Once per week didn't happen but we definitely worked towards it and plan to continue this in 2012!
Goal #19. Read 52 books. Got WAY off track when work took over my life - eek! I ended up reading 34 books - eek! Going to try for 40 books in 2012!
Didn't Get to at ALL!
Goal #3. Measure each Thursday. Gotten out of the habit; Moving to 2012
Goal #4. Make my wedding album/book.Haven't started! Moving to 2012
Goal #10. Try out churches in our area.Have found that we're out of town more than in town - didn't make it as much of a priority as I should have - Moving to 2012
Goal #12. Reupholster chaise in master bedroom; get new bench for foot of bed. HALFWAY DONE; still need to reupholster in 2012!
Goal #14. Make new videos. Slow going! It just kind of fell off the radar. I want to start trying for quarterly videos in 2012!
Goal #15. Do abs twice a week. Did this for the month of Jul - and am now doing ab ripper 2-3 times per week - this will be a focus for 2012!
Goal #20. Do a household budget.Got started, lost motivation, never got it back and our finances kept changing so we'll plan to finalize it in Q1. I at least want to know how much $ is going out each month!
Goal #22. Learn how to sew on a button. Need to find someone to teach me - anyone??! :) Maybe youtube can teach me!

I've also found myself procrastinating by doing things and dealing with things that weren't  on the list! I don't mean hanging with friends, traveling, etc. - those are necessities! I mean, selling my couch and buying a new one, growing a garden,  buying a dresser/reorganizing our closet, creating a party central buffet, experiencing with meatless recipes, creating a new Tips & How To Section, joining a time-intensive leadership program at work (that involved sailing, a trip to California, and TONS of training sessions), getting promoted to manager at work and hiring 3 new people, dealing with a bad mole, and the list goes on. CRAZY year! Looking forward to 2012 - finalizing my goals for next year now - am definitely doing fewer than 30 - maybe in the 20 - 25 range so I can focus on 2 a month or something!

Q: What are you planning for in 2012? I plan to make To-Do and To-Enjoy lists - I love the idea of including things to enjoy not just to-do!

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