Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kitchen Business Center Project Reveal, Fun Family & Friends Weekend

Thanks you guys! I loved your feedback on the spice cabinet redux! Also fun to learn about your recipe tasters. :) BTW - Austin did try the Hoisin chicken - it reheated well and he liked it - yay! So I've been working on a Kitchen Business Center Project. What does this mean? Well basically, I was trying to accomplish other goals, like my pantry organization, spice jar organization, gift center and spring cleaning of closets. As I was doing this I kept getting frustrated. Where is the tape? Where are the scissors? I bought a label maker to help me get organized, but it didn't change the fact that we had bills in the kitchen, our bedroom nightstands, Austin's home office, etc. I finally just went around to these places and gathered clutter:
  • Master bedroom nightstands and dresser
  • Austin's office
  • My office
  • Desk in bonus room
  • Desk in kitchen
We just had TOO many areas. I mean really, batteries shouldn't be in 3 different places. The resolution? ONE place for ALL items. A place to pay bills; file documents, cards, photos; store post-its, paper clips, clothespins; etc. Here's how it ended up...

on the outside...
and inside!!

Close up shot - all boxes were from Ikea (3 sets of 2 CD-sized boxes at $4 each so $12, 3 sets of DVD-sized boxes at $5 each so $15 ; 2 sets of large document-sized boxes at $8 each so $16; 2 sets of small document-sized boxes at $6 each so $12); labeled with my label maker. Boards were from Staples; $4 for a set of 4. Total cost: $59 pre-tax.
close up of boards
close up of boxes

For some context - the door in the back left is to the garage AKA where the mail comes in. The business center is in those left cabinets - away from the serve ware, cooking ware, etc.

Boxes include: Photos, Stationery (thank you cards, blank cards, etc.), Batteries, Clips (document clips, clothes pins, etc.), Bill Paying (envelopes, stamps, check books, address labels), Receipts, Documents, 'To Review' and 'To File', Manuals (for washer, TVs, etc.), Electronics (chargers, DS Lite, GPS, etc.), Cards (from family & friends after a few months of display), Staplers & Tacks, Extra Supplies (extra post its, high lighters, etc.), Stamps (stamp pads, personalized stamps, etc.), Ribbons, and Adhesives (tape, glue gun, glue stick, etc.).

Corkboard: Left side is for upcoming events; Right side is for upcoming bills, coupons, appointments, etc.

Drawers: One has dividers with a few of the items above for easy access (pens, post its, pads of paper, index cards, paper clips, clothes pins); one has large note pads and mealplans/recipes.

Now, when mail comes, we know exactly where to put it. No need to let it stack up in other parts of the house for filing - it can all live in this space. When the boxes get full (like the 'to file' box) we can just put the items in a manila envelope and store in the filing cabinets upstairs for later use. Also, some things like magazines don't belong in the kitchen - we don't read them down there! So we have the basket on the counter to collect items that need to go upstairs!

Other than putting the finishing touches on the mail center, Friday was spent working, shopping at Macy's during lunch, more work, then straight home to see Austin, get ready and head to Mary & Scott's! We had some beers, met their friends in town from LA, went to Twain's, played some shuffleboard then called it a night! Saturday we woke up early, met my parents at Starbuck's and then went shopping with my mom and found some GREAT furniture (more on that later!). Here's a pic of Austin when he found himself standing next to a poster that was on his t-shirt.

After our shopping trip, we headed home, took naps, then got ready, Tyson arrived and I headed out to book club while the boys headed to Buckhead for a night out! We had dinner and drinks and a sleepover at Danielle's! Beautiful weather, and I got to meet her Great Dane Dawson - SUCH a sweetie! I had fun catching up with the girls, listening to music, eating yummy BBQ and staying up too late. :)

Automatic timer pic #1 (sorry, Stacy, for my awkward arm placement when I ran in late!)
Pic #4 ish Why I felt this goofiness was necessary I'll never know

Today I slept in SO LATE at Danielle's -but i'm having a great chill day with Austin and the puppers. The weather is BEAUTIFUL!

Q: What are you up to today?

Q: Do you have a in-home business center? If so, is it in the kitchen? Any tips or things our center may be missing?! I can't wait to start benefiting from having it in place!

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