Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The OMG Booth, The Hills, The Sickness

Who says you can't have fun with the people you work with?! This is extremely important to me, especially as of late being that I've been working far, far more than a standard 40-hour-workweek. I know it will get more reasonable and my life will get more balanced (2012?! Q1?! Yes!). Anyway, I think I mentioned a plethora of end-of-year celebrations - everything from my leadership program graduation celebration to my team luncheon, department party and company holiday party. Here are pics from the department one! My team is part of the Marketing Department, and our awesome CMO rents out Eclipse Di Luna each year for a luncheon where awards are given, tons of door prizes (i'm talking iPad 2s, Kindle fires, etc.) are given and it's just kind of awesome. We get out at 2 and we're welcome to leave, or stick around and drink open tab until 5. GOOD times, friends! They also do a photo booth - why not, right?! So in addition to a yummy lunch and prizes (I only won a $50 gas card - not too bad though, right?!), I have these photos to commemorate my time with my company and co-workers/friends!
Love these peeps - been working with all 3 of them for 6 years!! So glad we took an 'old school' crew pic
The team! Well, minus Todd and our soon-to-be boss Randy on 1/3 and our soon to be associate manager Leslie on 1/9!
Stacy & I: Take 1 - I thought I looked goofy
Stacy & I: Take 2 - we were both disappointed and felt we looked ridiculous
Stacy & I: Take 3 - we went with this one - at this point we were laughing so hard we thought it best to just walk away !
Me, Stacy & our new Peeps who are AWESOME: Ali & Amanda!
There you have it, folks, pics from a work celebration - do you see why I like working with these people?! In all seriousness though, I feel so lucky and fortunate to be at a company that takes care of its peeps, does fun things like this in part to celebrate, in part to team build, but also to recognize all of the hard work everyone did throughout the year!

Back to life, back to reality. I've been in bed sick. I have some kind of funky/sinus infectiony/misery - grrrr. All I've seen is this:
Yes, it turns out I had stopped watching the Hills at Season 3.  The apparently made 3 more seasons and for some reason I thought it would be "funny" to watch one and see where I left off. Well I got sucked back in and have been watching it nonstop - eek! Save me! LOL

Q: Any holiday work parties for you?

Q: Photo booths: love 'em or hate 'em?

Q: The Hills: yay or nay?!

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