Sunday, December 18, 2011

Overcelebration, Finally on VACAY!

Oh my gosh! CRAZY how little I've blogged. Long story short, my dad made an unexpected (but welcomed!) visit from Thailand. I hadn't seen him since the wedding! So him and my grandma came down to stay with me & Austin for 3 nights, and now i'm in NC staying with them for 3 nights - crazy! On top of that, work has been insane, still trying to get in P90X and we had celebrations for my team, my department, my company and my leadership program wrapped up with a celebration - INSANE. I feel behind at work and behind in life BUT i'm on vacation until the 28th - I KNOW I'll get caught up and feel better. Here's the haps (more pics coming soon - most of the celebration party's links haven't been sent!)!

Thursday: Had a busy day, no working from home, just P90X, work, work and more work! Then just home to ready the house for my dad & grandma's visit!

Friday: P90X (5th day in a row - yay!), then early leave to go home and meet my dad and grandma! We stayed up late welcoming them and chatting - then I just had to go to sleep - busy day the next day!

Saturday: I got up early, made breakfast, and we all hung out. Then I drove my dad & grandma to my sister's and then me and Austin to  my company's holiday party! I met up with my team and their husband's beforehand at the hotel bar, then headed into the ballroom areas with over 1,000 other people - crazy! We had a great visit, played a a few of the casino games and raffles, had a few celebratory drinkies, then headed home.

Sunday: Woke up early, made breakfast and drove my dad and grandma up to outlets to get coach bags for my dad's wife! Then we headed home, changed, grabbed Austin and headed to Decatur to a church service with my sis, bro-in-law, nephew Dane and my sis's in-laws, Viv & Pat. We went to the service then headed to the Porter's for dinner - SO NICE!
Grandma, Dev & Dane, Dad & Me
Monday: I had the day off - Dad & Grandma hung around for a bit, then around lunch they took off to NC. I worked from home the remainder of the day to try to keep up, then got ready for work - CRAZY weekend!

Tuesday: P90X then work, work, work. 2-hour Seasons 52 celebratory team lunch. Good news: The last open position on my team is now filled! AND I spent lunch with my new director who starts on 1/3 - YES. Things are looking up! My senior director got us so many nice gifts - backpacks, pullovers, notebooks, etc. After the lunch I worked LATE. :(

Wednesday: P90X/ran 2 miles then SO much work. Preparing for the wrap-up of my leadership program and preparing to be out for a week - EEK!

Thursday: P90X then a CRAZY day - busy all day preparing for leadership presentations and working. I did give Christmas gifts to my awesome team -fun! My mom had found these cute badge flowers, and then I got some Urban Outfitters notebooks.
Then the day turned into leadership all day - the presentation at 2 went well, which rolled into a celebratory graduation ceremony, which became a dinner. I left the office at 8 p.m., but met up with my team at their hotel (my team was partially remote - two members from Michigan & California). I visited with them then headed home at 9:30 - when I found out my brother-in-law was in town with Austin!

Friday: Woke up exhausted. Just exhausted. No gym for me! I just worked frantically as we had to leave at 11:15 for Eclipse De Luna for my department celebration. YES, overcelebration between leadership, team, company and now department! I'm fortunate my company appreciates employees so much. We had the restaurant until 5 p.m. - doing awards, having lunch, having drinks, etc. Stacy & I hung out with some co-workers late, then Austin and Tyler joined me, and Shane, Brandon & Jason joined her, and we all had dinner together - FUN!

Then it was time to go home and sleep - had to get up the next day for NC!

Saturday: Woke up early, worked to make up for everything I missed Friday, packed, went to the office for a couple of hours then met up with my sis, bro-in-law and Dane - time to drive to NC to see my Dad & Grandma! We took our time, made a few stops, then got in around 5 p.m. Quickly getting settled before heading out to eat, then visiting then SLEEP.

Today I woke up after 11 hours of sleep. YES, 11. I was beat. I told Devon I hadn't felt like i'd had 5 minute to myself (outside of sleep) in SO long. So now i'm blogging, Devon is doing Christmas shopping and my dad is trying to connect to skype to call his wife Jang! Zach snapped this picture of me, Dad & Dev!
Q: Do you ever feel that way? Like you're just "on" for too long?!

Q: What are you up to today??!

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