Thursday, December 8, 2011

Catch Up, P90, What I'm loving!

Hola amigas! So I left you Friday when I was heading to downtown ATL for the SEC Championship game! I worked, then headed down to the Centennial Park area to meet Austin's parents at the Hilton Garden. Austin came down, we chilled, had a glass of wine, then headed out to dinner at Peasant Bistro! The food was amazing! Such a great, seasonal menu. I got the pork medallions and they were insane. We had a couple of bottles of wine, then walked through the park, checked out the ice skaters, checked out some of the bars in the area, took some pictures then headed back to the hotel and called it a night!

Saturday we got up early for the UGA vs. LSU game! Tyler (Austin's bro) got in town and we all got ready then walked around, went to go meet E (Austin's other bro), took some family pictures and then headed into the game! Crazy - I wasn't planning to go, but Austin's parents were offered a free ticket! It was lower level, 20 rows up from the field, 50 yard line - INSANE! While UGA loss (big boo) I had such a good time with the family. Afterwards we had a yummy dinner at Rays in the City. Scallops with Lobster Risotto? Don't mind if I do!

Sunday we got up early, had breakfast with the fam, then headed home to pick up the poodles, get stuff in order for the week, cook some meals, do some work, etc.! Family night - Christmas tree!

Monday: a.m. P90X back & chest & ab ripper; WORK; work and more work. Family night - Good Wife!

Tuesday: a.m. P90X plyos; WORK; work and more work... worked WAY too late. :( No family night - sad!

Wednesday: a.m. P90X arms & shoulders & ab ripper; team community relations event to the Salvation Army to help sort Angels! (Stacy & I adopted an 11-year-old angel - fun to see what happens once you turn your things in!). We added stockings to gifts, ensured all items were accounted for, went 'shopping' if they were missing anything - VERY enjoyable - perfect thing to do this time of year. Then I just went back to work and work, work, worked!

Today: a.m. 2-mile run; offsite event until 1 p.m.; second-round interview with a candidate to fill the last position on my team (yes!); more work. Home to do some house stuff!


  • P90X and being able to keep up the workouts!
  • The Holiday season
  • cooler weather
  • getting my house more in order
  • having so much vacation (will be off again December 16 - 27; then again Jan. 2 - 7 to ski!)
  • christmas shopping - i'm DONE!
I'm NOT loving: 
  • My lack of blogging
  • My newfound absent-mindedness ("lost" my phone - found it in my work fridge; left my heels at home - had to go buy more before work at Target; left my wallet in the parking lot at said Target - I mean REALLY. Yes a good samaritan returned my wallet - WOW - I went back for it 4 hours later and there it was, unharmed - OY!).
  • The crunch - I feel crunched. I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day at all!
  • Papercuts. Said Christmas shopping and the fact that almost all of it was done online led to multiple cuts - eek!
Q: What are you loving? 

Q: What are you not loving?

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Erica said...

Glad you had fun at the game! Cute jacket. Way to fit in your workouts despite the busy sxhedule! Loving getting ready for my cookie exchange, soy mistos, finally figuring out my work schedule and my family & friends