Monday, January 2, 2012

Weekly Workouts, Shopping & Off to Ski!

We had a great time celebrating Auburn's win at the dome, and since then have just been packing, shopping and getting ready for our ski trip (I'll be in Colorado this evening - woo!). It's been a pretty good week - lot s of good workouts, good shopping and good times!

Weekly Workouts: Last week was great! I got in 5 workouts, including:

Monday: P90X biceps, triceps & shoulders; ab ripper X
Tuesday: P90X plyos
Wednesday: 3.5-mile walk at 4 mph
Thursday: 3-mile run at 6.3 mph; 1/2 mile walk at 4 mph during a.m. (this workout was REALLY exciting to me - I hadn't just hopped on and run 3 miles straight in a while - eee!)
Friday: 3-mile walk @ lunch with Stacy
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: shopping/packing - active rest? LOL

Weekly Shopping: I hit the jackpot at Zara! I got 1 dress, 2 sweaters, 2 tops and a pair of navy skinny pants - eeee! Here's pics of what I could find online:
cable stitch cardigan with sheepskin hoodie liner! to me the sweater is super dark in person - random!
Jersey dress - I got it in navy!
Got this top in gray with white dots - has a cool back - big silver exposed zipper from bottom to top!
I got this top in an emerald green! Great for work - easy to tuck in to black or dark gray!
I also had luck at Nordstrom - finding my new black rider boots, two new pairs of skinny jeans and a cape!
Vince Camuto 'Keaton' Boot
Eeee - was so happy to find these - TOOK FOREVER! Seriously - multiple Macy's, Coach, Michael Kors, DSW, Nine West, Bloomingdale's - it took entirely too long but i'm happy to have them in time for my ski trip!
Hudson stretch skinny jeans
Joe's 'Visionaire' Skinny Stretch Denim Jeans (Lainey Wash)
Joe's skinny jeans
Via Spiga Asymmetrical Cape
Via Spiga cape
Sadly, no pics of my FAVORITE of the sweaters or the navy pants. Sigh - i'll have to take my own! I did wear the navy pants to the game and a new little $10 top from Forever 21.

What else was up this week?
  • working, working, working. Worked LATE - tried to get a lot done before the week off from work!
  • going to 5 Seasons and having gator for an appetizer with salmon for dinner 
  • preparing for our ski trip (laundry; packing; finding our ski stuff; etc.)
  • Seeing Auburn win its Chick-fil-A bowl - great new year!
That's about it! 

Q: What are you up to on your second day of 2012?! We're leaving for the airport in 30 minutes - time to go ski!

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