Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Turkey & Squash Risotto; BRECK!!

Having a great time in Breck and loving my new ski pants! The liner is zebra print. hehe

More pics to come - my resizer isn't working! Ugh - but we're having a blast, had a great, easy flight over, skiied all day yesterday (LOVING the house we're at - it's ski in/ski out so you ski right off the back yard!) I'm skiing all blues and blacks, too - loving the blacks! I'd be loving them more if we had more powder but there is NO snow here - eek! Oh well, good food, good times, good group and because of the convenience of how close we are i'm cooking breakfasts for the group each a.m.! I even put taco soup in the crockpot yesterday morning, and we skiied in for lunch to eat it - awesome! Anywho, more pics to come,  for now, check out this YUMMY risotto recipe we had before we left - AWESOME!
Turkey & Squash Risotto
Recipe inspired by Closet Cooking
Makes 4 Servings

Nutritional Information: 369 calories, 46 carbs, 10 fat grams and 18 protein grams.

Excellent! Such a great fall/winter dish. The turkey added a lot to make it more filling, and the risotto and butternut squash blended together so well. Also, while the little cranberries are optional, I must say I really liked these surprise bites of sweetness! Great recipe - check it out on Healthified Kitchen!

Q: What are you up to today? What's the weather like where you are? It's colder in Atlanta than it is here in Colorado!

Q: What's your favorite risotto? Mine may still be my breakfast risotto!

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