Sunday, January 8, 2012

Breck Bites, Home to ATL!

Back from Breck! SUCH a fun, family vacation - very bitter sweet to fly out yesterday. Of course today has been lovely - sleeping in, doing laundry, getting our perfect puppers back, going to the grocery store - you know, getting our house back in order! The last few days were like this:

Monday: Dropped off the pups (sad!), flew to Denver where our luggage was 2 hours behind us (grrr Delta), watched UGA  lose its bowl game (boo!), met up with  Austin's parents & brothers, drove from Denver to Breck, got to the awesome place Austin's parents got, got our skis/boots and went to dinner at Fatty's. I also grabbed some new pants at Mountain Wave. Then it was off to Kroger, home to unpack and time to sleep for our first day of skiing!
Ski group!
Tuesday: I got up early, made breakfast, through lunch in the slowcooker and we headed out to ski! We didn't have much powder and no snow, but the runs were groomed and we had a great day of skiing! I did mostly blacks (eee!), and blues - SO fun. It was also nice to be able to ski in/ski out - the place was SO convenient - great to go in and eat breakfast and visit with Austin's mom. After skiing the boys hit the hot tub (yes, the place had its own hot tub - so nice!) and then we all went out to eat at Mi Casa - love Mexican! Then home to pass out - I was asleep by 10 every night!
Me & Austin!
Austin & his bros
What else is there to do in lift lines? Take pictures - of course!
Wednesday: Up early again, made breakfast again and went out to ski! Spent the day out, ate out on the mountain at the base of Peak 9 for lunch, skiied more, then skiied home, exhausted! We hung out, then decided to cook in! So I ran to the store with Austin's parents, stopped by a few hotels to check them out, then we got home and Austin's dad grilled steaks and chicken, we made potatoes and broccoli and had a little feast! We also had lots of yummy wine thanks to Austin's parents! Good times.
Lunch with Michelle at Peak 9!
dinner in!
Thursday: Up early again, more breakfast and more skiing! We skiied in for lunch to have leftovers, then were back out for more skiing fun! I was REALLY enjoying the slopes, I could just feel like I was improving - love that! We skiied for the rest of the day, then headed home, had a cheese plate and the chef showed up! Austin's dad had found a chef who came over to the house and made homemade bread, salad, acorn squash risotto, lamb - AMAZING. It was great to stay in and have such a nice meal cooked right there at the house - very nice! Afterwards we watched a movie and passed out!
The best meal I ate in Breck was the meal that chef made at the condo - seriously! I want to try to recreate this!
Friday: You guessed it - up early again, more breakfast cooking, lunch into the slowcooker, and our LAST day of skiing - sad! Chris, our buddy from GA who moved to Denver, met us on the slopes! So great to see him and spend the day skiing with him and all the boys. We skied in for lunch, then headed back out for our last runs of the trip. Another beautiful, sunny, snowless day! Then we went out to dinner to Blue River Bistro with the family & Chris & Katie! So great to see Katie! After dinner we headed to their ski house in Frisco, had a drink, caught up with them, then went home and passed out!
My ski buddies on the last day - with Chris!
Me with the crew - minus Tyler!
Walking to the bistro
The brothers at the bistro!
Loved seeing this lady!
So fun to see them -although we want them to move back to Atlanta stat!
Me & Austin's dad/my ski instructor! :)
Saturday: Up early, packed, left the condo and headed to Denver! Our flight wasn't until  4 p.m., so we walked around the cute downtown area, had a great lunch at Cherry Cricket where I had the best burger I've ever had - seriously, 1/4 pounder with mushroom, swiss and grilled onions - AMAZING. Then it was off to the airport for our flight (which I slept through the majority of) - and then bye to the family, home to unpack and sleep!

SUCH a great trip - loved the time with the family, the skiing, seeing Breck again, breaking in my new boots, getting my new ski pants, cooking and having fun. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that I hadn't gained a pound - I ate and drank a lot more than normal, but I guess 5+ hours of skiing covered the extra calories! WOO! Now i'm back and ready to focus on my January 2012 To-Do/Enjoy List!

Q: How's your 2012 been so far?! Any highlights already?

Q: What are you looking forward to this month?

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