Sunday, February 19, 2012

3 Dinners, 4 workouts, Married for 4 Years, 1 Night Out in ATL, 1 Recipe

Hi Invisible Friends! I'm sorry for my absence (again) - last week was filled with work, dinners after work, my anniversary, getting my car back, 2 chiropractor appointments - just busy, busy, busy! Starting with a new recipe:
Mom’s Lemon Chicken
Makes 4 servings

Nutritional Information: 368 calories, 50 carbs, 3 fat grams and 30 protein grams.

Yum - I grew up eating this gravy-like dish and just love it. I requested it so much as a little girl, and it was great to eat it again, albeit a healthified version of it. I thought it tasted pretty dang close to 'the real thing' - and was so glad that I pulled it out of the recipe archives from my mom! Thanks, mom, Austin liked it a lot, too! :) Check out the recipe on Healthified Kitchen!

And now, backing up... can't believe I haven't posted in almost a week - eek!

Monday: a.m. workout of P90X yoga with Valerie & Donna at work. Then just work, work, work until home to my PJs and family!

Tuesday: a.m. workout of P90X core synergistics with Valier & Donna - then just work, work, work! I did get a 3-mile lunch in at work with Stacy - nice! After work I took two of my co-workers, Hilary & Jesslyn who were in town from Michigan and California, respectively, out to eat at Uncle Julio's! We had a couple of drinks, lots of good conversations, and a great time! I dropped them by their hotel around 8, then headed home to the fam!

Wednesday: a.m. workout (2 mile run + abs) followed by work, work and more work! Lunch break used to hit up Trader Joe's and Party City. Then I raced home after work for our anniversary dinner at Pampa's - YES, we have been married for 4 years - insane! 2008 seems like yesterday.
Yummy dessert after our 4-year anniversary dinner!
4 years ago - getting married!
Thursday: CRAZY work day. Lunch break used to get my car back (yay! finally back in the saddle again post-car accident) and then after work I was straight to the chiropractor where this time, in addition to my adjustment, I received a full-body massage! Awesome, so awesome that I got Austin a massage gift certificate for our anniversary!

Friday: Skipped my a.m. workout to sleep in - VERY nice! Then I worked and left the office a bit early to come home and relax before dinner with Andy & Monica at Atlanta Fish Market. We had a great dinner, yummy wine, and awesome convos - loved catching up with them and celebrating everyone's recent accomplishments and news! Afterwards, we headed over to Fado for a couple more drinks. LOVED hanging out with them and great to still be home by midnight - I think our late-night days are over!
the boys!
Me & Mon Bon
The 4 of us at Fado! 
Acting like tourists in our own town!
The absurdly large fish outside of the restaurant
Saturday: Got up early and purchased Hulu Plus - just had to watch Season 5 of Private Practice! I then spent the day watching it while cooking up TONS of new stuff - I seriously made about 6 new recipes. Such a fun day. Austin even went to the store for me when I realized I was out of a few ingredients. Very chill, relaxing, and fun day - glad my cooking bug is back as it's NOT around during the week. :(

Today: It's been all about cooking, resting, bill paying, laundry, playing with the poodles and staying in, out of this gross, rainy weather. Loved it - am loving my relaxing weekends winding down, staying in town and not traveling - it's very nice!

Q: What was the best part of your weekend?

Q: Anything you're looking forward to this week? I have book club Wednesday! Looking forward to seeing the ladies!

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