Monday, February 27, 2012

My House Monday: Tackling the Pantry . . . Again

JUST when I think I get things how I want them, something changes and I have to mix it up again! Take, for instance, the pantry. I had organized it last year and it was going well, but I noticed that my cabinets needed some work... where would the cabinet surplus go? The pantry. And in continuing on with our paleo prep and planning, we have to clear OUT our pastas, rices (yes, rices - white, long-grain, brown, basmati, jasmine... seriously - I have an addiction), canned soups, etc. So what does this mean? MORE pantry cleaning! Here is the latest greatest pantry clean up - more organizing to come!
A shot of MOST of the closet - there is another 'column' if you will of white tubs on the right!
Still hearting my label maker - super easy to peel the labels off and make more as our diets change - the 'grain's bucket will soon become bananas or something. haha
In a nutshell - we just groups together our like items, measured the space, found buckets that fit across, made labels and voila! However, we noticed our 'small appliance' cabinet with a disaster, so I moved things around to devote a shelf to our rarest used appliances (electric skillet, quesadilla maker, george foreman, electric mixer, etc.). We left the slowcookers, blender, food processor and mini chopper in the kitchen cabinet, easier to access! We also noticed that two of our lower cabinets were getting cluttered. We essentially needed:

  • one cabinet for cutting boards, mixing bowls and strainers
  • one cabinet for rectangle and square pyrexes and bulky pans (like muffin pans)
This meant that all of those awesome (but random and not often used) items like the pumpkin-shaped Halloween dishes, my fabulous deviled egg serving dish from my mother-in-law and Christmas servers (think penguins!) now needed a home so they would be out of the way! Enter a small shelf where they could stack on the bottom - perfect. :)

Q: Any fun organization projects going on at your casa?

Q: How was your Monday?! Mine was good - no workout, but I did win an award at work. :) Very sweet! Love my team.

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