Monday, March 26, 2012

Dane is ONE!; His & His Watches?

Happy Monday! I hope you all had great weekends - we did!! Thursday and Friday I was in a work/offsite team-building - this meant LOTS of working on Monday - Wednesday to make sure I didn't get too far behind. It was a long work week with more changes that have led to more work (ugh), but at least I had the weekend to recharge! Friday I was in PJs by 6 p.m. with a glass of wine. Just exhausted. Thursday & Friday had felt like group therapy and while it was good and will likely lead to stronger partnerships on the team, it was emotionally draining! Saturday we woke up early and got ready - time for little Dane's first birthday party! Still can't believe he's a year old - crazy! 

We had a wonderful time at the party (pics to come!), and it was great to see my mom - it had been too long! Afterwards we hit up Nordstrom where Austin did some SERIOUS damage - he just needed all kinds of stuff and in guy style bought it all at once - a new suit, new sports coat, new sunglasses, a new watch, new golf shirts, 2 new pairs of shoes - again, you name it, he got it! He also got me a Michael Kors watch. :) 
It's one of those oversized boyfriend watches, but I just love it and think it's perfect for all of my casual stuff!! It was REALLY hard to find one that wasn't gold - I'm like "I just want brown!" - and this was the winner. :)
I also really liked Austin's new watch:
It's the Nixon Spencer watch - loved the woodgrain and the digital inside the analog - fun! 
Then it was home to pack and off to Athens for a family get together! We had dinner with Austin's parents at Five and Ten, then bar hopped to the Royal Peasant Pub, Trappeze Pub, and to The Pub at Gameday. VERY fun and great to see them and catch up - hard to believe we hadn't hung out since the ski trip! Sunday we got up, had brunch/lunch at Clocked Diner - roasted garlic burger?! Yes. :)

Q: How was your weekend?

Q: What is your take on watches? Wear 'em? Like oversized ones? I NEVER wore them and now I can't move without it - I could see myself wanting a watch wardrobe!!! haha (no, this won't happen - they're too dang pricey - but I love them!)

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