Monday, March 5, 2012

My House Monday: Thank You, Ikea!

Yes, Ikea got me again. I've been SO wanting these grundtal shelves for the kitchen, but couldn't convince Austin to drill holes in the tile backsplash (fair enough). So I had moved on. That is, until Stacy and I went to Ikea last week and she noticed that one of the displays had it mounted under the cabinet rather than on to the tile. Of course, it didn't come with screws, but after a trip to Home Depot we were ready to go! (and by 'we' I mean Austin as I truly did nothing to install it). Here are some pics:
To the right of the stove! :)
close up!
Far away!
LOVE IT - the area between the sink and the stove is pretty much my cooking area. So having the knives and food processor out right by the cutting board, and then those drawers are filled with silverware, measuring spoons and measuring cups, while the cabinets below are all pyrex dishes, smaller cutting boards and strainers. It's my perfect little corner and having this hanging gave me even more counter space by the stove. LOVE.

Q: Anything new going on at your casa?

Other than doing the above, the weekend was pretty chill - just hanging out, going to the chiropractor, cooking and chilling with the pups. I also got addicted to Once Upon a Time. I just love it! No workouts, but I did start Turbofire this morning and it was kind of insane. I also posted this:

I'd been meaning to do it, had it on my goal list, and got to it!

Q: What's your favorite 20 minutes or less recipe?!

Q: Any experiences with Turbofire?!

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