Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Fashion, Tuesday Two-a-days Back in Action

While yesterday kind of sucked in that I find that i'm really, really stingy with my free time, I was also happy that I brought back Tuesday Two-a-days. Yes, I WILL lose a few pounds this spring. No letting my sinus and allergy problems drive me to mass quantities of comfort food!! Yesterday morning I ran 1.5 miles, walked a 1/2 mile then did a bit of stretching. Then I worked, then around lunchtime Stacy and I headed down for a 3-mile walk. Nice day! I ended up working late, but got home to a yummy dinner, happy family and a new episode of the Good Wife. Not too bad!

So spring fashion. I've already embraced a few of the trends including BRIGHT - I got a few tops at Zara last week, including these two:
Bright orange open jacket (in stretchy material)

Bright yellow ribbed T with zipper back (wore to Dane's party with navy skinnies!)
Other Trends i'm excited about:
  • Pleats - I hear they're back!
  • Black & White for Spring - yes, bring it - so easy!
  • Draped pencil skirts - have one and will definitely get more (so flattering)
  • White and florals (duh - LOVE to break out the white, and what's more springy than florals?)
  • Tangerine - see above - i'm clearly a fan! (and War Eagle to that)
  • Peplums - eeee! I can't wait to get top with peplums - I wont' get be getting skirts with peplums - just not me!
  • African/safari - love the neutrals and think this looks great with tangerine! 
  • color blocking - duh - although hasn't this kind of run its course?? Whatever - i'm on board.
What I WON'T be getting on board for:
  • Pastels - they just don't work for me. I'm envious of those they work for and may try some - like the light blue.
  • Colorful camouflage - no. The end.
  • Shorts Suits - just can't do it - think it's a cute look but not on this chica.
  • 1920's look - drop waist is no friend to my boxy shape.
  • The sporty/dressy look - hmmm I just don't know about this - it seems like a reach. Especially the "fancy track pants."
  • Exposed midriffs - the cropped shirts will definitely be lost on me. although it is reminding me of Carrie Bradshaw circa Season 2 of SATC which is fun!!
Q: What trends are you going for?! Any that you're avoiding?

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