Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Something to Read, Try, Watch & Eat!!

Something to Read

A childhood friend (who is a HUGE yogi) posted this on Facebook. Great read - i'm sure we all have at least one of these to improve upon: 15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy. 
Something to Try

Turbo Fire. I did the Fire 55-minute workout this a.m. OY - what a full-body workout. Reminded me a bit of my time at Knuckle Up boxing gym with Mon a few years back. Constant moving, punching, jumping, twisting - but yet you're kind of dancing? The instructor works her ass off (and hopefully mine!)

Something to Watch

You all know that I LOVE TV and watch almost every single show produced (except for reality shows - not a big fan of those). I watched a new show, Scandal, and really liked it! Give it a try, at least so we can talk about it! Yes, it took itself a bit too seriously at times, but overall I think it has promise!

Something to Eat

Strawberries! They're in season and crazy cheap right now. 
Stuff them with cream!
Dip them in chocolate!

Or add them with your other favorite, in-season fruits to make DIY fruit cups!
And a quick 'what's been up with me' - the usual! Work, workouts and family time!
Monday: a.m. run + walk; lunch walk; work; home!
Tuesday: a.m. Turbo Fire; work; work; work; home!
Wednesday: a.m. 1-hour Tabata/plyo/weights workout class; work; work; work; drinks with Austin & Jon and then we watched the second episode of Scandal on Hulu!

Q: Whatcha reading, trying, watching and/or eating?!

Q: Anyone else watching Scandal?!

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