Monday, April 16, 2012

Kielbasa Breakfast Fried Rice, an AU Weekend - Good Grief!

Happy Monday! My day started with a 2-mile workout (didn't have much time - so I just ran 1.5 miles then walked the 1/2 mile). Plan to head back down at lunch to walk a few miles! My weekend was supposed to be a fun Auburn weekend with two our favorite couples! It was A-Day and the day to reveal the new statues! I haven't downloaded pics yet, but here is one from Mary via her phone via Facebook.
Yes, Mary is due in 10 days. TEN. Love her little Emma in the stroller!
So yes, fun weekend, but Friday it took us forever to get there due to Braves opening game (turned a 2-hour trip into a 3+ hour trip). Then I had to work. all. weekend. unexpectedly, which was slightly distracting and put me in a bad mood. And on top of it all, my medicine for my allergies made me zombiesque and I started. Cue Charlie Brown "Good Grief!" I was just like seriously?! It got to be a running joke. We would go to a restaurant and oh look, the ONLY beverage on the fountain machine that is out of order is diet pepsi, my favorite. Things like that! I will say that I did manage to have a fun weekend with wonderful friends, and got home early on Sunday to cook, cook, cook, and work, work, work, to get ready for what I'm sure is going to be a busy week. Before signing off, I wanted to share a new recipe we're loving!
Kielbasa Breakfast Fried Rice
Inspired by Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures
Makes 4 Servings
Nutritional Information: 310 calories, 59 carbs, 13 fat grams and 18 protein grams.
Review: WOW. I was nervous about using 2 servings of rice for 4 servings. I was concerned about using rice vinegar, as opposed to my normal stand-bys. I was wrong - this was fabulous! Loved the consistency, how far the oil went to make it feel authentic, the spiciness of the kielbasa - forget just breakfast, this would work for any meal! It was ready in under 20, BUT that's only if you have rice already made (which we did). If you have leftover rice you can make this in 15 minutes for sure! Check out the recipe on Healthified Kitchen!

Q: Fried rice for breakfast - in or out?

Q: How was your weekend? Tell me it was better than mine!

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