Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Paleo: Day 24, Lake Trip, Recipe!

Haven't written in a while as things have just been busy. Standard and lame? I'm sure. Broken record? Yup! I can say that outside of being busy things have been great! Updates:

Paleo: Today is Paleo Day 24 which is crazy but we're loving it. We've made lots of new recipes - here's one:
Paleo Coconut Curry Chicken
Recipe adapted from Cosmopolitan Girl
Makes 4 Servings
Nutritional Information: 379 calories, 18 fat grams, 18 carbs and 40 protein grams.
Review: We love this one! Next time, I will probably use full-fat coconut milk, but other than that it was great and super creamy. The minced garlic added a lot, as did the chili pepper. If you can't find the chili pepper, use red pepper flakes and/or hot sauce for some kick. Great paleo recipe!

Yes, I've cheated a bit. In sum, I had a diet coke yesterday. Just wanted it, did it, didn't feel good after. It tasted super sweet and left me super parched. Ugh.  I also had a few sour patch kids the other day. They were sugary amazingness  - no lie - but of course didn't fill me up or do me any favors or anything. Lastly, I had a bite on Saturday of a snickers ice cream bar. We were out on a boat, stopped for sweets, I resisted getting my own but was like whateva - it's hot and I want a bite and my bro-in-law was offering so done. For the most part though, we're all over Paleo and loving it. Austin even did it for his weeklong business trip last week (said it was even easier when eating out - just get meat & veggies!), and we did it (thanks to Austin's parents making paleo-friendly options) at the lake this past weekend. I've been passing up on the bread baskets, the diet pepsis and the cheese trays. I've been pulling the bread off of sandwiches at work and eating the meat-only (which worked out well on my turkey/bacon/avocado sandwich in a meeting today). I'm making it work and I feel 100% better. I sleep better and I don't have to track anymore. Those two things alone pretty much have me IN! I'm not doing it for weight loss, but have lost a total of 8 pounds and have been at the exact same weight every. single. day. I mean, no half pound up or down, no 4+ fluctuation I had when I ate heavy carbs, just this is my weight. Kinda cool to me.

Workouts: My foot has been acting up again (shock...) so I've pretty much been walking and doing upper body ST. I've been doing 3-mile walks each morning which I enjoy! Last week I did this Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday; and this week so far i've done yesterday and today. Then I've just been doing my shoulders, triceps, biceps, back, chest and abs. I'm going to try my Tabata class tomorrow, but I worry about the foot and hate to not do it full out. :( (P.S. Love that I can maintain my weight with only walking on Paleo, but yet still feel more lean - weird? yes. Awesome? yes.)

Life: This past weekend we headed over to Birmingham! We drove straight to the lake and had dinner with Austin's family, and then had an awesome day out on the water. The guys had a blast wake boarding and I had a blast taking pictures. The poodles had fun, too. :)
I'm on a boat.
So is Remy
And Michelle
Remy LOVED boating -she even went out prior to our family trip on the fishing boat with E!
Reuben even got into a litlte bit! :)
Time to wakeboard
E did a flip
We watched him
Remy swam! (well kind of sunk - she's not a swimmer hence the life jacket)
I swam with the poodles 
Tyler wakeboarded
the poodles swam together off the back of the boat
before going back to the lake house - where they slept forever! haha
My favorite shot of the day - had so much fun taking pics out on the water - it was a beautiful day!!
After our day on the lake, we headed over to Mary & Jimmy's to meet their new baby, Michael, see their first baby, Miss Emma, and to see Teresa & Forrest who were also in town! I had a great time, albeit a too-short visit. We didn't take pics (sad!), but Mary did snag this one of me and sweet Emma.

Jimmy and Mary had an awesome paleo-friendly dinner (yes, our friends rock) - shrimp and chicken kebobs, salad and this awesome grilled vegetable mixture I need to get from Jimmy! After too short of time, we headed out for family dinner - our last family dinner before Tyler moves to NY! We also celebrated his birthday. We went to Gianmarco's, this great Italian spot! The food and service were excellent - great evening although it got late quick when you have a 9 p.m. reservation!

Sunday, Austin got up early and golfed, while I slept in then headed to the gym with Michelle for a 3-mile walk. We had planned to swim at the club, but the guys were done and before we knew it after lunch it was time to get on the road. :( Great weekend with our friends and family, long car ride home, to a family trip to Whole Foods for the week and crashing!

Q: How was your weekend? Any highlights?!

Q: Any lake fans? I'd honestly take it over the beach - love being out on the water and not having to deal with sharks and waves and jelly fish and sand. (random plethora of off-the-top fears and nuisances).


Erin said...

Oh my goodness- Gianmarco's might be my fab place in the whole world!

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