Thursday, August 9, 2012

Couple's Lake Trip - Loving Summer!

Still playing catch up on the old blog! How are you all doing?! All is well here, just enjoying the pups, staying busy at work, spending as much time as possible with family and friends, loving the Olympics - the usual! I did want to share pics of one my favorite chill, summer weekends! The weekend of July 14 we headed to Austin's parent's lake house with some friends and had such a great weekend doing nothing but floating around, riding on the boat, eating outdoors and just hanging. Here's some pics:
Group shot! (minus Paul, Michelle & the poodles!)
Austin & T on the jet ski
Dock shot!
We pretty much spent the whole day like this!
Or like this
Eventually all the girls joined and we tied ourselves to the dock!
T wake boarded and popped right up!
I opted for a lifejacket and bobbed around a good big 
In retrospect I looked mildly ridiculous! LOL
Chilling with  Austin - he did such a great job putting everything together!!
Mark wake boarded too - lots of peeps got to give it a whirl prior to the weather getting a bit bad
Mon's faces were kind of priceless - seriously!
corn hole time of course
never gets old
chill time after a day on the lake
lake nights are so pretty! I forget what we're doing here...?
Remy & Reuben were sweet babies! LOL not the best pic but they needed to be represented of course!
PJ chill party in the basement - love it
outdoor breakfast buffet
Austin & his dad were all over the outdoor grills
Austin and Andy!
Love the view from the deck! The floating dock is behind those trees in the middle!
Visiting with Mon on the dock
out on the boat!
love this shot Devon grabbed of the rope!
Seriously Mon - the faces are FAB!
Austin had this adorable cake made - love it! And bonus - it tasted amazing
fun surprise!
Such a sweet husband!
thanks for doing 6 candles and not 30 - could have been a fire hazard!
Q: Ever been on a couple's lake trip? I think they're just the best - well really any couple's trips - we've done a few to Charleston, several to the beach, but loved this lake one. We have a Vegas one in a few weeks - should be fun!

Q: Any fun weekend plans? We're doing some stuff around the house and have dinner with Lincoln and Shana! Looking forward to it!

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