Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Pregnancy Update: Likes, Dislikes, Updates and Next Steps!

Here is a pic of our little bean!
I am almost 15 weeks (25 to go!), and am due on February 10, 2013, six days prior to our 5-year anniversary!
Favorite parts so far: seeing the baby bounce around, stretch and roll over during the ultrasound; dreaming about what our baby is going to be like, look like, grow up to be; taking naps; looking at nurseries and beginning to make my own; thinking of names; telling our family and friends and feeling so much support from everyone!

Least Favorite Parts...: food aversions; pain in chest/stomach; nausea; headaches; feeling "hungover" for NO reason; being tired and uncaffeinated; having to constantly go to bathroom; not being able to have a drinkie; having a more difficult time working out; just not feeling like myself.

I didn’t document the whole time, as clearly I didn’t know the whole time I was pregnant, but looking back, here is what’s been up: 

-  After feeling like I might be pregnant, I took a test and it was not helpful. At all. The line was too faint. Dark enough to where you’d freak if you got the result in college, but light enough to where you didn’t want to speculate. So I did what any sane person would do: waited 2.5 hours and took another test. Same faint line. Then I gave up, went to bed, and did the normal routine. Then, on the way home my car veered to a CVS where I picked up the digital test that literally says ‘Pregnant’ or ‘Not Pregnant.’ No bullshit lines. The test said pregnant. Clear as day. I took another test the next day: inconclusive. $50 later I wasn’t entirely convinced I was pregnant so I made an appt with my OBGYN – that would make it official!

-  I got with my sister who gave me 20+ baby books (thanks, Devie!!), and I started taking prenatal vitamins. I also started doing fun stuff like pulling ideas for the nursery and baby names – things that I had TONS of time for but baby was on the brain damn it!

-  My diet, at first, was AWESOME – could still do Paleo, was craving smoothies, veggies and meat. Then MAJOR food aversions hit me. Paleo became impossible as the thought of meat made me gag and/or throw up. Wow. What sounded good? I’m glad you asked. Pizza. Fried chicken, French fries, sweets and sushi. Seriously – four things that are horrible for my diet and one thing that’s off limits. Lovely! I preceded to eat horribly putting on about 4 pounds. True story.

-  I was tired. Real tired. And my workouts got more and more tough, but I did and have continued to work out 3/4 days/week – just doing 3-mile walks and upper body ST.

- I got super crampy and my chest and stomach hurt more often than just normal tummy troubles. Probably from the healthy diet… Speaking of my chest. It doubled. DOUBLED. Thankfully I had bras from when I was pre-‘fitting back in’ as I was no longer fitting in. At all.

- Dreams got weird. Real Weird. And before I knew it I was getting up at least 3 times each night during my sleep to use the bathroom. Awesome.

- Got FOR REAL about the nursery. I had nothing to do so I spent an exorbitant amount of time when I wasn’t working or sleeping planning my nursery – more on it, including inspiration boards of course in my next post!

- All of these things (especially the diet/cravings, food aversions, exhaustion and chest changes!) led me to believe that I was definitely pregnant – but was of course going to leave it to the experts who confirmed my suspicions! Can't WAIT for my next ultrasound! Speaking of Next Steps...

Tomorrow: I have another ultrasound where we'll find out the sex of the baby! I'm bringing these two pictures with me, and plan to ask the doctor to not tell me, but to instead toss the picture that doesn't match the sex!
Saturday:  Our favorite photographer, Zach,  and my sister will meet us at our favorite yogurt shop to take pictures of our surprise topping - can't WAIT to see what we're having (well clearly I can, since i'm waiting overnight, but you know what I mean...). :) Then later that night AWESOME Karly is letting me borrow her maternity clothes (and girl is a GREAT dresser and has 4 seasons of clothes from her 2 girls, Charlottte and Caroline) - AND she's giving me this brand new Froggie Exercaucer as her Caroline perfers the Jumperoo!

So I have TONS more pics to post, including:
  • Nursery inspiration boards 
  • A few things I've already found for the nursery! 
  • Pics of awesome and generous gifts from family & friends
  • My new diaper bag 
  • some CUTE maternity finds from Destination Maternity & Pea in the Pod
  • Preggo pics - haven't taken any yet... but plan to start next week assuming my 'bump' arrives by then - I feel it coming!
Q: Are you preggo or do you have a baby?! Leave your link - would love to follow you - am already enjoying several blogs with baby mentions. :)

Q: Any advice for a girl at 15 weeks? 


Nicole said...

Yay!!! I'm so excited for you:) your goin to be so cute preggo. Can't wait to read more bout this new chapter in y'all life!!

Jenny said...

Saw the announcement on Facebook, but congrats! After the lake post, there was the suspicion, but just because it sounded different than your normal posts ;) maybe its just on the brain ha! Congrats to both you & Austin!