Thursday, September 6, 2012

Baby Girl Update; What I've Been LOVING

I know it's been a while - I'll be completely honest when I say that I've gotten SO wrapped up in baby girl stuff! We've been working on the nursery, finding names, visiting daycares and just enjoying the excitement of knowing our little family is going to be getting bigger soon - eee! Here's What I've Been Loving:
GIRL TRIPS! I had a great time on this beach trip to celebrate Miss Mary's pending wedding!!! While I couldn't drink or hang out in the  sun for TOO long, I had such a good time and felt like I got to participate a lot! I've also been loving GIRL LUNCHES! I feel like in the last few weeks i've gotten to see so many of my busy friends by lunches - Corner Bakery with Karly, P.F. Chang with Shana and Stacy, McCallister's with Melissa, Villa Christina with Nicole - it's been a great way to stay connected! We've also enjoyed a few COUPLE'S DINNERS with Andy & Monica - during the week is really starting to be where it's at! And we went to a great Going Away Party at Crystal & Jason's for Chris - great to see them and visit with Karly & Stevens and see all of their adorable kids, and to a fun Birthday party in Decatur for Nick! And we had house guests! Erin & JT stayed with us for a weekend; they live in AL but had a half marathon in GA! We had a few lunches with them over the weekend, and the weekend after two couples stayed over from AL for a wedding - so much fun! I've also gotten to see my sis/bro/nephew a good bit, love them so much and am still LOVING the BG photo shoot Zach did!
SHOPPING! Baby Gap! And Macy's Nordstrom, Target... I've been doing QUITE a bit of shopping for BG!
This rocking chair! It's West Elm, but my sister found it at the Pottery Barn Outlet for  MUCH less than West Elm was asking, and of course I had a coupon - this is the first piece for BG's nursery!
Kate Spade! This diaper bag just jumped out at me! I think it's modern, gender neutral, Auburn-supportive AND easy to keep clean. SO excited me, my mom and sis found it!
GAME NIGHTS! Lincoln and Shana had me over while Austin was out of town - they were so sweet! They fed me an awesome enchilada dinner, and had lots of ice cream and treats since I couldn't partake in alcohol. I also got to see their sweet boy Preston - SUCH a doll. We quickly scheduled our next game night for two weeks later - this time Austin got to come and Sebastian, their other adorable boy, was home. Fun nights with the Marr's who are ALWAYS introducing us to new games. This time we played Sequence - loved it!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL! While Auburn didn't win its first game, it was a fun day getting to see friends, tailgate with a big group and getting to enjoy the Dome (at least until the final score). 
WEDDINGS! Seeing two of our besties get married  made for a super fun weekend from their rehearsal dinner to their perfect wedding - SO much fun!
Another fun by-product of weddings, getting to see best friends! Mary, Teresa, Jimmy & Forrest came in from out of town and stayed with us, and of course seeing the Marr's and Blanco's is always a good time!!
That's pretty much what I've been loving and what's been up with me - lots of visiting with friends, planning for BG, and hanging out. I have slept A LOT. Like, I'm exhausted all the time. I'm keeping up my walking (3 miles  3-4 mornings a week before work), and i'm trying not to eat everything under the sun. I'm also just trying to rest and take it easy. Work takes a lot out of me, and i'm definitely in my PJs by 6 each day - home with the pups & Austin! As of today, I'm almost 18 weeks and i'm up about 11 pounds - BG (and me!) are growing! I have another ultrasound tomorrow (can't wait!)!

Q: What are you up to this fall?! We have a lot of Auburn football on the schedule, as well as a trip to North Carolina to see family/attend a wedding, a trip to Vegas to celebrate Andy's 30th birthday and are looking into a trip to NY to see Austin's brother who moved there this summer. Other than that - finishing up the nursery and preparing for BG!

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