Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekly BG/Bump Pics = What's Been Up

As per standard lately - I'm SUPER behind with my posting! For a bit of what I've been up to, you can also see how I've decided to somewhat document 'the bump.' I had thought about doing a weekly bump picture, in a single spot, with an automatic timer or something. I'd considered the same background, writing a note to BG, wearing the same outfit, etc. but nothing was feeling right for me. Then it kind of hit me - what was a milestone for BG that week? I had pictures of that so I used my favorite app, PicStitch, and got to work! Here is what's been up each week, from BG's perspective of course being that she's already the center of my life even though she's not here yet!
Week 13: BG on a bachelorette beach trip
Week 14: BG is announced!
Week 15: BG reveals herself via a fro yo topping
Week 16: BG at the Lengel Wedding
Week 17: BG in the Dome supporting her Auburn tigers
Week 18: North Carolina for a family wedding
Week 19: BG "partying" in Vegas for Andy's 30th
Week 20: BG at work post-work out - really starting to bump out!
I'm now at Week 21 and need to post my next weekly update! I'm feeling pretty good, sleeping better, able to eat a lot more variety of foods and my head aches haven't been as frequent. I am definitely getting more uncomfortable (hips, lower back) and of course find myself frustrated a lot when things that fit the prior week are no longer comfortable! (I have to be comfortable). Other than that, work is going well - just staying busy but we're filling some open positions so hopefully that will relieve some pressure/stress! And baby stuff is going great! We've knocked A LOT off of our To-Do list and i'm really excited about how well the nursery is coming together! My next ultrasound is Friday - can't wait! I've also been reading a lot - have about 3 book reviews to do, and i've just gotten back into cooking again now that meat no longer makes me as queasy - just made an amazing Paleo Chili today and loved it (thanks again, Mon!). Lastly, one of my besties had her baby girl and she is perfect - made me even more excited to meet mine. :)

Q: What's been the best part of your weekend?! Mine was definitely seeing Stacy & Shane's little baby again and we had a great time at Mon & Andy's watching football and hanging out with the group!

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Lauren said...

Hi Kelly!

You look great! So excited for you and your family. Long time follower, new blogger. Yesterday I featured you as one of my favorite bloggers!

Have a great day, post more updates! :)