Sunday, October 21, 2012

Growing Baby Girl! How October's Been - Mostly Busy!

Hi invisible friends! I hope everyone is doing great - I've been keeping up with my reader but need to get  better at commenting! We've been doing a lot of pre-BG stuff:

  • Found a pediatrician
  • Finished registering; getting excited for baby shower!
  • Ordering/making wall art
  • Painting the nursery and the doors
  • Finding and ordering appliques for storage cubes
  • Finding and ordering boppy and bumbo covers
  • Connecting with and making my deposit with Moms on Call
  • Getting BG's library going
  • Finding a mini book trough for said library
  • Bought new door hardware and installed it
  • Are now this close to settled on a name
  • Have started working with a contractor on getting crown molding installed in her room (and doing some other pre-BG things around the house!)
  • Have been researching new cars for Austin (his two-seater won't do it anymore!) - are pretty close to purchase!
And I'm thrilled to say that I'm FINALLY done dealing with Geico from my car accident in January! After many, many phone calls and follow-ups, that's over with - what a relief! Other than that . . . 
Week 21: BG met her future best friend Lola Ann Wilson, Stacy and Shane's beautiful new addition!  We spent the weekend relaxing, got to see the Wilson's, and visited  Andy & Monica for, what else? football! Auburn wasn't playing so we were able to avoid a disappointment. 
Week 22: BG visited her parents' alma mater! We got up early and spent most of the day outside with our besties! We went into the game - I made it until about halftime until I was just too hot. We also went out to eat for Teresa's birthday! Great to see our buds and visit one of our favorite places.
Week 23: BG went back to Vegas, this time for work at the Cosmopolitan. I had felt sick earlier that week, but thankfully began feeling better during my stay. In addition to a great conference, Leslie and I took in an awesome Cirque show!! The weekend I got back, Austin had a golf tournament, so I spent  most of the weekend sleeping! I also spent the day with my sister, at her house and shopping, and then had dinner with her and her adorable family. 
Now it's Week 24 and we truly took the week to focus on the nursery items above! We also spent Friday night at Lincoln and Shana's - game night! They made us a great dinner and were sweet to have treats on hand for me. :) Loved seeing them and their sweet boys - definitely a good night with great friends. Saturday we slept in (e.g., 7:30 a.m.!), then ran to Home Depot and worked in the nursery until Austin's parents came through town! Great to see them!! They hadn't seen the nursery so we visited at the house for a bit before heading to lunch. Love catching up with them. Then I napped and we had a chill night in. Today has been all about car shopping and doing stuff around the house, and i'm probably about to nap again as it seems all I want to do is sleep!

Other than all that, i've been loving TV and actually reading a lot! Need to post more - have had good luck with books and want to share some recos!

Q: Have you been enjoying Fall TV? What's your favorite new show? Mine is probably Nashville!

Q: Made any new/awesome recipes lately? I woke up this a.m. in the mood to cook, and had a yummy new breakfast muffin courtesy of cooking light - i'll have to post it!

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Kate @ Daffodils said...

I can't wait to see pics of the nursery! Are you going to reveal the name when you decide on it? I'm loving the new show revolution!