Saturday, October 27, 2012

Week 24: BG's Nursery, Taking Care of Me

Week 24: After a busy week, BG enjoys seeing her nursery come together! Won't be long until it's done!
Happy Weekend! Hope you're having good ones. I'm beyond exhausted! Not even in a bad way,  just had a hectic week! A lot of good things happened though, and I felt like I took good care of myself this week and didn't overdo it too much:
  • Had dinner with the Blancos! Austin, me, Monica and Andy met up at Seasons 52 on Tuesday night to catch up - loved!
  • Visited the Chriopractor again! I hadn't been since the car accident case closed, but missed it and them and just felt like my body needed it. I had a wonderful adjustment on Wednesday and my lower back and hips have hurt less ever since.
  • Made significant car progress with Austin! We went out Sunday but didn't have a lot of luck, but Wednesday night Austin narrowed it down to two choices and we test drove them both and are going back this coming Sunday to make a decision and get the ball rolling. While I know he's going to miss his little convertible, it will be great to have another 'big' car, especially when BG gets here.
  • Experienced Acupuncture! I had a gift certificate for two acunpuncture treatments that was about to expire - I had been putting it off and I don't know why - so glad I finally went on Thursday. I just loved it - I called it "Therap with Needles." I spoke with the lady for more than an hour - all about my life, any physical discomforts, any stressors, etc. Very nice to talk to someone so objective who is just all about learning about you to find points to heal. Then I had the treatment which was so weird. I think I loved it. You lay on your side on a pillow and with a pillow between your legs, undressed but draped with your back open. She used aromatherapy and quickly began putting alcohol on points all over, and before I knew it I had pins in my face, arms, legs, neck, upper and lower back, etc.! It felt tingly and like I was weightless. Then there were breathing treatments which, I kid you not, the whole thing put me to sleep it was so relaxing!! I can't wait to go back.
  • Got to see BG! Friday morning I had my appointment for the glucose test, but I got a bonus. During BG's last visit, they weren't able to see her heart well enough, so I got a bonus ultrasound. So fun - she was SO much bigger than 21 weeks, was "talking" (opening and closing her mouth) the whole time and we're almost certain she has Austin's little ski jump nose!
  • Had lunch with my LP buddies! I was in a leadership program last year, and got close with two co-workers, Miranda and Majd. We had our monthly lunch Friday at Tin Drum and it was great to see them both!
Q: What was the best thing that happened to you this week? Mine was of course trumped by BG - seeing her bounce around is the craziest, coolest thing!
Q: What are you up to this weekend?

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