Sunday, November 25, 2012

3rd Trimester, Baby Girl's Name, Productive Break!

How am I already in the third trimester??!! Seriously - this pregnancy is flying by. This excites me as I can. not. wait. to meet this little girl, see her develop her little personality, find out if she looks like Austin or me or is a blend - it's all just so very exciting. She's kicking all the time and I love it and love knowing she's there. The pups TOTALLY know something is up (or else they're just judging me for the weight gain) - either way, they notice and if you ask me they've been even sweeter than usual! So what's been up? Let's see - my last post was at Week 24 and i'm now at Week 29. First - pictures:
Week 25: BG went to Auburn for the Texas Tech game... Auburn did it's thing (lost) but we had  a great time with our buddies !
Week 26: BG's aunt Devon and uncle Zach hosted her first shower! It was awesome - they went above and beyond with decorating, favors, food and Zach did a photo shoot! Can't wait to see the pictures from it - for now, here are these fun shots and yes - BG HAS  A NAME - Beckett Grace Martin. :)
Week 27: BG went back to Auburn with us for her 4th and final demonstration of support for a team who had clearly  given up! As always, great time with Auburn friends, and she got to see her UGA family this time, too! We went to the game with the family, despite supporting opposing teams, but we only made it to halftime as Auburn never really showed up and lost, yet again. :(
I haven't done my Week 28 picture - but it will definitely be some Thanksgiving shots that include a family baby shower for Miss Beckett. We had a great Thanksgiving and got to see so much of the family, then Friday we had maternity pics (OMG - can't wait to see the shots!). Loved the shoot with Devon and Zach and know we'll love the shots, too! After the photo shoot we headed to Athens to spend time with the family! We spent the weekend there visiting with the family and eating yummy food. Austin went to the UGA vs. GA Tech game to support the dawgs, while I stayed back at the condo with our dogs.
We Christmas shopped on the laptop, caught up on our shows on the iPad thanks to Hulu, and watched the game on TV. 3 screens = multi-tasking. Then of course we fell asleep as napping is a must now!
After the game I met the family for a late lunch/early dinner, then we watched football, went out for dessert and called it a night! Today we just drove home and now i'm catching up on laundry.

You guys - I took a week off work. I haven't been at the office since 11/16 but let me tell you - we got SO much done and are thrilled! Here's a bit of what we took on during the Thanksgiving Break:
  • Changed out all of the brass hardware for bronze hardware (e.g., 14 doors!)
  • Had tile installers come out; chose a sample; scheduled an install for kitchen backsplash & bathroom floor
  • Visit to Ikea for frames for Beckett's bathroom
  • Schedules and took Reuben and Remy for shots and grooming
  • Childbirth Essentials Class (good god - birth is kinda scary... first time seeing that with 16 other expecting couples - eek!)
  • Test drove and bought Austin a new car! (the 2-seater wasn't cutting it - he LOVES his new SUV though - yay!) this also involved "fun" subsequent trips back to give them the title and changing over insurance stuff - the lame side of car buying.
  • Shopping - Gap Maternity for me, Buy Buy Baby for Beckett, Marshall's, Brooks Brothers, etc.
  • Made Christmas list and am almost done shopping! (all online again)
  • Yardwork - and a lot of it (note the 'we' as this was all Austin!)
  • Babies R Us online shopping for Beckett with her family's generous gift cards
  • Major Laundry - Washed/dried ALL of Beckett's items from sheets to clothes
  • Put together an Ikea lamp #frustrating
  • Had a chriopractor adjustment and 1-hour pre-natal massage
  • Retrieved my police report (yes.... I was rear-ended again... thankfully it was less serious than last time in January, but more serious in that Beckett was on board! We're both fine - although i'm having neck pain and a bit of back pain - nothing that the chiropractor can't hopefully fix!)
  • Changed my name! Me & Austin (and soon Beckett) will now all have the same last name! This involved a long day at the social security office, DMV and bank. Now i'm calling a credit card company a day to switch over! (and carrying a copy of my marriage license until everything is switched over!)
  • Chose a carpet, had a measurement peep come out and have scheduled the install!
  • Scheduled and took maternity pics (also prepared for them with house cleaning and maternity clothes shopping - and a last minute haircut - special thanks to Kellie's 5 p.m. client who cancelled!)
  • Listened to Beckett's heartbeat at her 28-week check-up
  • Hung ALL of Beckett's bedroom and bathroom items from decals and frames to clipboards and hooks
  • And of course, had Thanksgiving with the family and Beckett's family baby shower, before our family weekend in Athens!
  • And lastly, the usual suspects: 2 trips to the grocery store, multiple loads of laundry, bank stop, PetSmart, drycleaners, pharmacy, etc.
It was a whirlwind! Relaxing? Not entirely, but productive and fun as these were all things that we've been wanting to do and it's great to make progress! I'm already looking forward to more time off in mid-December, and of course to time off around the holidays - eeee!

Q: Your Thanksgiving Break: Lazy? Productive? Relaxing? Non-existent? I hope you all had wonderful ones with your family and friends! 

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